Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holy Clean Up

So it's Thursday morning! Last normal class day for Camp China! I am cleaning up my room and taking items off the wall. SAD! Yesterday was fun because we played games in the afternoon. Well we first went to lunch with the lady who is head over us at the school. It's the first Chinese meal I have enjoyed! We played games in the morning in the Hall and something I think incredible happened. We were just playing music throughout the whole morning but when we were on the last game (tag), Katie turned on Take It All by I think Charlie Hall and the teachers started dancing and singing b/c it's a wonderful song that we all sang at Passion and all of the sudden, the students started dancing! Before long, they made us replay it 2 more times and girls were dancing and screaming the words and having a blast. Most of them don't really know the words but it really made an impact on us. It was humbling seeing all our kids just drop their games and start singing..."...We're living for your name, we'll never be ashamed of you.. whaohh ohh. Without praise we know we are in vain... You take take take it all take take take it all away~!" So.. in China where freedom is slightly limited, these kids were actually singing this song in English which they had no idea what they were singing! It was so beautiful! After lunch we decided to show a movie for afternoon. I played a funny game with some of the older girls and really just bonded with them. AFter school, all the teachers and about 40 students BBQ all night long by the beach. It was a magnificant opportunity to share and have quality time! Alot of questions were asked and alot of testimonies were told. I have a short story for you that really encouraged me! One of my girls who is 12 years old and very low amount of English showed up at the BBQ. She doesn't have much money but bought a TON of stuff. I didn't even know about any of this. So, she got there in tears because her mom was on the phone screaming at her. Her friend told me in English what was going on and myheart just broke. I told them I would pay for it and all would be okay. However, two older girls from our camp that didn't even know my student very well jumped in to help with the language barrier for me. We decided we would pay and my student would be fine. Well, the most humbling thing happened next. The two older girls (one of which told me she sings the song I mentioned previously at her church) were giving my student (young, and didn't even know her) money. I asked how much I should give and they would NOT let me pay. They just said, "no no no you go have fun, eat.. it's okay." They wouldn't let me pay! These two beautiful girls stepped in to help a younger classmate and didn't let me help because it was my night to enjoy Hong Kong. This truly touched my heart! I love seeing Him work through others here as well! There is still hope in this city and I honestly believe there is hope for this nation. I need to run go get these crazy kids under control, but just wanted you to know that things are really amazing here~ Love you~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

HOLY last Wednesday

Well it's the last Wednesday which is a fun day for the kiddos! They don't have class. We just do things with the entire camp. Yesterday was pretty fun. Since it was Chinese culture, the students went on stage and taught everyone something from Chinese Culture. My class did a skit to represent why we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The kids were funny! The language barrier always sets us in for a treat but overall it was a success! Last night we ate dinner at the Spaghetti House. YUM. We went to the Hong Kong walk of fame which is alot like our Hollywood. You see stars on the ground -Jet Li, Jackie Chan..etc. We took some really cool photos because this place is like across the water where you can literally see the entire city of Hong Kong. IT's called the light show becuase of all the buildings and their crazy lights! VERY PRETTY! After we had our team QT, some people went back. Me and a few friends went to the Night Market to shop. I got all my little people gifts. By the way.. if there's anything specific you need.. tell me ASAP! We crashed pretty late last night so I'm exhausted. Oh, I've lost my camera cord so it is difficult to now find ways to put my pics on but I'll see what I can do! There's a monsoon warning today so... be praying for safety!! love

Monday, July 28, 2008

Holy Pushing Through

Well, it's the last week here in Hong Kong. Last night in our team time we wrote down our feelings about leaving. I am obviously sad to leave because I truly love it here. I will really miss the simplicity of Hong Kong and the smiles and laughter of these precious students! We didn't BBQ on Sunday because my roommate had to be rushed to the hospital. She ate a peanut and she's highly allergic! She is okay now but it was quite the scare! Monday was rough. We couldn't seem to stay focused in class but they know its my last week so I think they are trying! Last night we had a little team dinner. Today has been crazy. This afternoon is Chinese culture so we have to teach everyone something. It's totallyup to the students. We are doing the Mid Autumn Festival (Moon Festival). We are doing a skit so its crazy in the class. So, I ordered pizza for all of them for lunch and we are stiting watching HighSchool Musical 2 and eating Pizza Hut. (sounds like I'm in America huh?) They love this movie! That's most I've got for now but I'll be in touch. Life up their hearts as we are coming to a close that maybe one will want to know more about me and my life..........

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Holy relations!

Hey Yall!

I am so sorry I haven't written in forever~! I just realized I haven't written since Tuesday morning. The reason for this catastrophe is I am madly in love with my students, my friends, and now in my opinion, my family! Hong Kong is so amazing. The third week of camp, everything seems to click. Students begin to reach out to their teachers and do things with us ALL the time. I wouldn't change that for the world. However, it is difficult to journal here because I am so exhausted all the time as well. It has been a struggle to stay strong in my QT's but I am working hard. Faith is pushing me through every step of the way! I can honestly say I am in love with this experience!
Well, Tuesday we had a really fun day. After lunch (which is always Chinese with the students ), we had a foil fashion show. One boy and one girl from each class has to model after their class decorates them completely in toilet paper and aluminum foil. I chose one of my sweet girls who is TINY and one of the guys. We decorated them in laughter and fun. It was so funny when all the students went on stage as "foil models."

AFter school this day, Katie and I went and met up with those girls she had at camp last year. I am close to them through other means of communication so they begged me to come as well. I can say it was one of the most fun nights here. The rest of the team went and ate and sang kareokee with some of our students which I am sad I missed, but my night was fantastic! We met the kids and went to eat sushi!
You will never believe what I did~! AFter some convincing on their behalf, I tried octopus, jelly fish, salmon, and very raw shrimp shushis! They were interesting! The octopus.. very chewy but I finished it. The salmon.. good at first but only two of them until it gets nasty. The jellyfish.. absolutely HORRIBLE.. I spit it in my napkin! lol!~ So, I at least ventured out and tried some crazy stuff!!
After what I felt was an amazing dinner, we went to the arcade where you take "ze photos." There's a machine that is Japanese where you go in and it's like a mall photo booth at home except it's like 10 times more fun and eventful~! I can't really explain it but I'll show you the pics when I return! It was so fun~! I giggled like a child and then we played some arcade games! You have to remember this is like a group of 10 of them and they are extremely clsoe so it always serves for a fun night~! One of my girls, Katrina, always jokes on me for being so fat. She says, "no ice cream, you too fat." So, I always joke back about loving icecream even though she tells me I shouldn't eat it~! After games, we went to get icecream at McDanawhs. We took more pictures which I will try to upload, and it was a total blast! I truly love this group of friends!

Wednesday-Always is a fun day! We don't do curriculum on this day. We played volleyball and basketball and games in the morning. We then had a CRAZY afternoon!~ The culture for the afternoon was water fighting! So, we had all the kids take roll and (we told them to bring extra clothes) go down to the bottom floor that is outside. so then, all the teachers went to the fourth floor and got buckets of water and without them knowing, dumped water on them from above. Of course, that started a complete brawl! They were going nuts. We filled like hundreds of water balloons and threw them at eachother! We had an hour of literal water chaos. Kids were using water balloons, trashcans, water bottles, old bags.. anything they could to get water on us and eachother! The crazy event was over at 3:30 so the kids took off. Some of the teachers went to the Stanley Market (nicer market for tourist and lots of pearls). We shopped for a while with some students, and then hit McDonalds for another dinner. Stanley was fun but it has really beautiful beaches. We took pics at the beach and really that's about it!~

Thursday-This day was difficult to get up and get going because I am always so tired! I think I told you that I am totally just doing games in my class now a days. We played a maze game where I blindfolded them and set the desk up in a maze so their team had to tell eachother in English how to get through it. I had them work on their lefts and rights! After this game, we played a game where they had to get things from their bags or purses that started with each letter of the alphabet. I was so impressed with their ability to do this game! I am pretty sure they had fun! For culture this afternoon, we went to the big hall and demonstrated Christmas! This event, I was in charge of, but it went well. We used bed sheets, towels, and props to invent our very own Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, a shepherd, an angel, and a wiseman. We used a big screen behind the center stage for visuals and pretty much did like a "Your place at the Manger" type thing. As Katie read the story, the characters walked down from the back and up to the stage. After the serious part was over, I knocked on the door and busted in as Santa Clause. I through out candy and toys and then we sang a bunch of songs. It was really fun! I think they enjoyed it! After this, our team went to a dinner that was held for us here at the University. It was a good time and we met alot of students.
Friday-disaster! I couldn't focus so we literally just played games! I realized that we only have one more week so now I just want to spend time with the kids and get to invest in their lives. The afternoon was the same way. Some played outdoor games, some just chilled with us! After the school day was over, we went home to change and get ready for another AMAZING night. We told the whole camp that we would go to Pizza Hut for dinner and told them where and when. We weren't really sure who all would come but we thought we would throw it out there. I was literally shocked by what I saw when I arrived. There was probably at least 35 students waiting on us for dinner! I was so happy because 8 of them were mine~!! It made me feel so special and that our kids like us! I love my kids so much and the return love from them was so needed as I reach crunch time here. After we ate at Pizza Hut (which by the way is like an Olive Garden here!! It's really really nice), we went with all the kids to Times Square and took photos in a photo booth. It was literally halirious! I love this group of students! I had so much fun, I never wanted to leave! Yet, I need sleep. :-)
Saturday- This was another day where we invited the students to an unknown turn out. We invited the camp to go to the Stanley Beach to swim, play volleyball, and shop in the market. When we arrived, there was about 15 students. One of them was mine so I was really happy! Really, they're all mine. I am close to alot of students! However, by the end of the day, 3 of my students were playing in the water and volleyball with me! It was fun! One of the girls came with her family so I got to meet her 5 year old sister.. ADORABLE and her dad and brother! I got a little sunburnt but I needed it !! After we swam, we went to the market for a bit. We then took a bus to a place called SoHo where it's like a very big hill. They have the longest escalator in the world. Yea.. crazy! We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant! It was very appetizing and nice to chill with just the team! We shopped for a bit after this and now I am FINALLY back at the dorm. I am so tired but I have to wait on my clothes to finish drying! I am having so much fun here! I am so in love with teaching, my students, this city, this culture, and this life! I really miss my peoples at home, but I am not exactly thrilled about leaving! I know He wants me in this area so that is an answer to me! Tomorrow we will have BBQ with some kids so that should be interesting! I will put some pics up when I get a chance but I love you and know I can't wait to see you when I return home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, July 21, 2008

HOLY Half Way thru...

Hey PEopleS!
So it's Tuesday morning and I'm sitting in my classroom waiting for my students to arrive. I just want to take a minute to tell all of you that even though this is an amazing experience and I could do it forever, I really miss my family and friends. I had a sweet message on facebook from a friend in Alex City and it really touched my heart and I truly miss all of you. Sorry I haven't been able to call alot or write very often, but the time I get is limited and I have to spend it wisely. Things here are going smooth. Monday class was typical- blah blah answers and tired students. Today we visit Kenya and I don't plan to stick to the curriculum. In the students journals, I had them write their favorite and least favorite parts of my class and almost all of them said the English book was their least favorite part. It was fun to see what they thought of English camp. I've been doing lunch daily with the students so that is fun because we go to Chinese restaurants wehre they have to order for me. (you never know what you'll get!). Culture yesterday was sing alongs. At my station, we sang "I don't want to miss a thing," by Aerosmith. They screamed it! It was quite humorous! Well, I'm off to lesson plan but I love you and pray that you are doing well and letting Him shine through you in all that you do as well.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

YUM!! Want some dinner?
Can you see the Chicken Head? :-)
Our group at the movies. Far left on back row is the principal from our school and the student is on the far right!
My desk at the dorm

Me and Liz with some girlies for lunch! They CRAZY

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Holy Surrender

Hey Guys!
Well it's the weekend now. School is out for now but it's always on my mind for sure!~ The carnival was sorta crazy but it was fun. The kids apple bobbed, painted faces, ate popcorn, and played BINGO which was the BIGGEST hit. I actually used it in class on Friday. I got sorta lazy this week in class and did more fun things than sticking to curriculum. The relationships with the kids are definitly growing rapidly. Thursday night we went to Hong Kong Park. IT was absolutely gorgeous! It is a very big place with lots of areas to chill. So, my team leader had us split up and have 30 min just in thought. It was good to clear my head and listen to some music. If you go go go as much as we try to do, it can literally drive you to death. Friday was an okay day. Of course me and my students all wanted it to be the weekend so we sorta played around. We actually played baseball with a bat and a beach ball. It was difficult to explain to them all the rules but they seemed to like it. In fact, some of my girls that don't EVER participate, played with us! That afternoon we had "movie culture night." So, we watched Cool Runnings with them! I've been playing ALOT of volleyball with the kids so my skills are definitly tested. I really like just playing now a days. After the movie and the kids left, we hurried home and then got ready to go to the IMAX theatre with another group. We watched Batman with this group and we brought one of our favorite students along. The movie was insane but it takes place in America and Hong Kong. It was so funny because we are in Hong Kong and every time it came on the scream, our little googly selves couldn't contain our excitement so we would be like AHHH we know this building, or what have you. :-) The lady at our school who is like the principle went with us as well. They took us to dinner at a place where the villagers like. I will tell you only this about the restaurant.... we had chicken.. (complete with the head lo0oking at me the entire time), duck ( the beak was pointed at me), shrimp (with the entire body entached.. eyes, and whiskers) and fish balls. Yea, i had some rice. I have tried the chicken and the duck though. Then, one of my teammates ate the chicken head. I'm not even exaggerating. So, I may have it easy in the city but it is still another country! This morning (Saturday) we got to sleep in. We had a major hike today. We hiked up a mountain and then down to the ocean. It took over three hours. It was very very tough and I am in pretty good shape. The views however were OUTSTANDING! Creation reveals the glory! There were other mountains, ocean water, and beautiful clouds engulfing us as we walked/runned/and stumbled. One of the girls from the school who speaks amazing English and we got to church with here, Maxine (15), went with us today so that was fun. We then got in the ocean for a bit. I went shopping tonight with some girls. Sorry Mom, but that credit card was used tonight. I needed some stuff though. I only have one weeks worth of clothing. :-) Love you mommmmmy~! Well, we will get up early for church and I need to go see if my laundry is done. I will try to upload some photos but no promises! I love you!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Holy Loving

Hey!! I have so much to update you all with so I promise that is coming! It's almost the weekend where I will hopefully have more time. Lesson planning and hanging out with kids 24/7 is tough in a WONDERFUL way. I absolutely love these kids! I adore each memeber of this camp. My students and the others. I want to share with you what perked up my morning. You know how Friday mornings can be. I woke up very late today and was very groggy. I even slept on the bus which is different for me. Then, as I strolled into the school one of my sweet girls, Yu, ran across the field and jumped right into my arms screaming ..."Brandy!!!" I was so excited! I love this week because they are really starting to love being around us and I am obsessed with loving on them because it's weird to them. I can't wait to show you all pictures of my kiddos!! I love them! Sorry.. enough blah and my boys are getting ancy in here so I must go be a teacher!! My new favorite thing! :-)

Holy Photo Update!!

Me and some of my Girls!!
Me and some of Mike's Class-volleyball girls

Volleyball during Wednesday Carnival-Apple Bobbing !!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Holy Catch Up!!

Hey!! Okay so I know I have been slacking but I'm telling you.. I stay so darn busy! I will begin with Monday's activities! So obviously, Monday is a Monday! It was so hard to be excited and crazy when I felt like a sleeping puppy! However, I went in and tried my best. Actually, I don't have very much about the curriculum part because I was the visitor of the day. This means I went to every class room and did a little skit. So our team leader, Katie taught my class while I was gone. So the country of the day was France. They enjoyed my performance though. For lunch I went with 4 or 5 girls to a Sushi place. WOW.. Sushi here is like a dead fish straight from the ocean on a plate! haha!! This place we went you sit down and the choices just run across your table and you just grab which mister fish looks the most appetizing! :-)  However, I had an easier way...I ordered normal fried shrimp sushi and it was DELICIOUS!! I'm telling you what.. they gave Shogun a run for their money. The girls I went to lunch with are so funny. They aren't actually my students but.. They are so sweet and fun!! In the afternoon the culture was American Football! It was very challenging to get the kids to listen however... We did the cheers- It's great to be an Auburn tiger, orange/blue, and sang the chant... WAr Eagle fly down the field. We showed a big video of the pregame video from 07 and then we demonstrated a football game. We had students try to kick a fake football in a human goal post. It was fun! AFter school, a few students stayed around and danced with us for an hour! I was so EXHAUSTED! The day overall was .. a Monday!
So.. today.. Tuesday.. was pretty good! Class started with the normal-journals, turn in homework, and roll call. Then, we started talking about the country of the day, Romania. We spent like 30 minutes on the University Prep because to me that is so important. We went over the Their, There, and They're S and I think it helped them. We played a few games. For lunch, I went with 3 of MY GIRLS ! and some others to MAC DONAWHS. It was so fun to hang out with MY STUDENTS out of class. I love them! They taught me how to count to ten in Cantonese and we had a great time. Today's culture was so Funny!! It was American Romance. So, the only guy on our team and our team leader acted this out. We decorated with balloons, wedding bells, and actually had students dressed as groomsmen and bridesmaids. They did the first meet, the first date, the engagement and the wedding. The students LOVED it! They laughed, ohhed, awwed.. fabulous! After school today, I napped for a while because I was so tired. My throat is a little sore because a girl on my team is sick but I think rest helps! Here is my fun story for you....
So, we are not allowed to go by ourselves anywhere. However, the whole team was gone when I had to go to the store which is at a huge mall. So, thankfully, some other girls were going so I walked and rode the bus with them. When we got to the HUGE mall, they went their own way. So I was in the store by myself. I ran out of money so my chinese clerk was going nuts, the line was too. Then, I walked out and tried to take a taxi. He spoke no English, I spoke no Cantonese so that took a long time! It was CRAZY! Well then I was walking back and saw the Head Hauncho from our organization. YEA.. I ran and hid. Then, as I was walking back I realized i didn't have my room key. To get into our dorms, you scan your room key. Yea, I had to use someone elses and the guard was yelling something in Chinese as well. So, on the elevator.. everything seems okay.. BUT the doors open on my floor.. boom! The head hauncho! IT's okay she didn't say anything but overall it was a crazy experience!! haha!! Well I need rest but love yA!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Holy Monday...

I will write more when I have time, but check out the new pics I added on facebook! love u!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Holy Greatness!!

Hey Everyone!!
First, I would like to start off by thanking everyone for commenting, reading, and keeping in touch on my blog! It's so fun to see comments and know that He is blessing you through my stories of Him working over here! I got on my email this morning and I had 27 emails which were all verifications of people leaving messages/comments on here and facebook. I truly felt loved!
I want to share with you some really good updates! Friday, I felt like I had a completely new class! They did so wonderful! I realized that my students were having an EXTREMELY hard time understanding things so I lesson planned for like two hours Thursday night to try to make vocabulary more fun and to get them to participate. For the first word, amazing, I decided to do an activity. I got those pills from home that when you put them into water, they turn into like a large animal. Haha! So I put one on each groups desk. I said okay, amazing is like... "Wow!" I made them put two W's up to their wide open mouths to make the word WOW. Then, I showed them the experiment and they really liked it. One pill turned into a pig so I started to snort which drew a few laughs. The next word was boot. I googled an image of a boot to show them but.. nah. The definition was.. "a show that covers your leg," so I raised my entire leg onto a desk to demonstrate. For some reason, they thought that was halirious! So, I motioned to my shoe, leg, and they really got that one down! In fact, later in the day.. They told me that Italy (the country of the day) looked like a boot, "a Shoe that covahs yor leg." haha! Um, for the vocab word, broken, I broke a pencil like 3 times so whenever we do broken they put their hands up and act like they are snapping a pencil and do a "knock" noise with their mouths like me! haha! We had like 10 words but I can't remember them all. So, then we discussed Italy and they did really well with their maps and all. We studied people from there and one was Marco Polo! So, we played Marco Polo in the class (out of water). Even though they were running into desks, they really had fun! After lunch, our culture was Halloween. So, me and another girl were witches. All the teachers dressed up! I took each group door to door to "Trick or Trea." haha! So, some deeper things for ya...
One of my students, Tracy, told me her dad was her hero :-) Also, I gave the journal topic "What is religion, what is your religion, and what do you like to do." I got some cool answers, some that broke my heart. The main thing they say is.. I have no religion, I just believe in myself. -no comments please. So.. Well, one girl told me she would really miss me when I left. OH and after school on friday, me and three students played volleyball for an hour! It was soooo fun! They were really good. They talked alot which is different than in class so..
Friday night, we went to the Hong Kong Peak which is where you can look out. It was so foggy we couldn't see much but... o well. It was still fun! Some culture stuff for you.. I obviously don't like to try new things. I have refused to eat ox tongue, lamb, I tried duck though! I usually just eat rice while everyone tries other things. I have eaten McDonalds twice. The malls are HUGE and have everything! The trams and subways.. ridiculous~ I can't imagine our culture this way. I sometimes get a lil sick downtown because I am culture shocked with the buildings and SO MANY DEADGUM PEOPLE! I survive.
Today, we slept in!! YEA! I needed some rest. We went around the city and then met up with Katie (my team leader who was here last year) her girls from last year! One had a guitar show tonight at a church! IT was so neat. They sang songs and I will explain that later! Then, two of the girls, me and katie and Liz all went to dinner. It was fun because it was just the 3 of us Americans with 2 sweet highschool girls! I loved them! I loved the quality time! Their English was very good! They are like at a really good school. They said i was humorous and I need to be on a diet. haha nah, they just play because I went to McDonalds and then wanted icecream! haha! I can't wait to see them again tomorrow for our "pool time!" So, it's like really late but I love you all and misss you!! HAve a great WEekeND!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

HOLY "it's like pulling teeth"

okay so don't let the title throw you off...
I love my class and all my students. However, because of the language barrier, it is like pulling teeth to get them to communicate! There is no translator or anything in my class with me-just me and them! Today we started off rotating into other classes for a game. Then, for curriculum we studied Germany. I felt that my students were reading well but they aren't understanding what they are reading. So, I decided to improvise. I made a cardboard moustache, got a whistle, made a sign that said "Short people only! No Glasses! I will Kill." These were the student who was Hitler in our discussion, his costume props. Everytime the book said his name, He would blow the whistle, say "Short people only! No Glasses! I will Kill," and the class would salute and say AH Hitler. In the book it talks about Albert Einstein having to leave Germany because he was a Jew. So, Alber Einstein was a student named "Elliot" who is very tall, wears glasses, and is actually very intelligent. His costume was a sign around his neck that said "Quantum Physics" and a notebook and pencil. When his name was read in the book, he put his finger in the air like a smart scientist and the class would say.. ohhh. When I read the word GERMANY, the class would all stand. So.. it was fun and I think it was a great way to explain Hitler and his discrimination. Once I again, I just ran out of time. Be back.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Holy Patience

So I am really loving this new experience. I am thinking there is education in the future! I am sitting here in my class on my lunch break in silence. My twenty students are enjoying an hour and a half. Each day we teach from nine to twelve thirty. Then, when they come back at two oclock, we have camp stuff with all the classes for the rest of the day. Today, we have an olympic assembly in the big hall. Today we handed out the books. It was interesting to hear them pronounce their words like their colors. I showed them a youtube cotton eyed joe cartoon video today and also a Kit Kat bar commercial off youtube because I bought them each a kit kat bar yesterday. :-) My class team name is "Top Class." So today I made them scream outside to the other classes their cheer and then all the classes came outside and we scram back and forth ending in.. We love English yes we do we love english how about you.. It was fun!! Let's see... We had fun doing our dialogue today and had few difficulties with behavior. I had sweat stains though so I tried to make fun of myself but.... they are so scared to laugh at me. haha. I'm used to being the only one laughing at myself anyway... My favorite part of teaching so far is learning my students. I try not to get mad when one isn't participating because I feel like there is something about each student that I need to learn before I get angry. For example, my sweet girl, "Candy," laid her head down alot today. AFter some communication barriers she tells me at her school, she is like on somewhat of a yearbook staff I believe. Like, she says she takes photos for her school and was up late working on that. I love knowing things like this. We had our assembly and after having to be "flexibur" because the Hall was booked when we thought it was open, we had to squeeze everyone in a small room. However, my 8 teammates and I and our 20 kids each got in a class room where we Cheered our class cheer and had yelling competitions. Then my guy in the group dressed as the marathon man and did a fun activity making students the olympic rings and dancing around to music. I led the whole camp in "Brandy says" which was so tiring but I recieved lots of laughter. It was a really fun day! I can't wait to see my students in the morning! Education is definitly a direction I plan to take! I really miss everyone though, but I hope all is well! Also, please lift up my parents. This week, they are moving out my things from my apartment. I am so incredibly thankful for them and the selfless love they show me every day. I love them ad hope that He will bless them for doing such things for me. Miss ya!

Holy First Day of Class

As I sit in my class room with a few students who stayed extra to work on our "team flag," I am so thankful for this opportunity! Today I met with my 20 students and learned introduction words and our class rules. Our team name is "Top Class." Our team cheer goes as follows:
"We are top class, we are number one. In our top class we have lots and lots of fun!" These were established by my students. The flag is quite the invention so maybe it will get better. Each assembly day the classes do their chant and wave their flag with honor. The first day was so much that I am not sure if my students had fun. Since we only had an hour and a half today, I was rushing so I may have left out some fun! However, the girls sitting with me right now are precious and I think things will get better! I need to run but I will write more when we get back to the dorms! Love and miss everyone!!

Friday, July 4, 2008


Hey! okay I am making this very brief because I have never felt so tired in my entire life. We got to Hong Kong safely after 15 hours on a plane. Everyone was very swollen. The city is AMAZING! I've never really been in a city so being in the like #2 city of the world.. WOW. They have the oldest suspension bridge in the world so that was awesome. Anyway.. we went to our school and met the officials and I'll report more about that later. Everything is awesome we just haven't slept in literally 40 hours. I love yall and I promise you more later. Oh, Happy Fourth of July. WE also had a big banquet tonight to celebrate. ok I'm falling asleep. LOve

It's midnight so I'm going to try to pick up and update. I'm so sorry I can't write much. I have met a whole new extreme of exhaustion. Last night was really fun. There was a big party for us at the Yacht Club. All the supporters of ELIC from Hong Kong came and ate dinner/fellowshipped with us. We sang some Chris Tomlin songs and had a wonderful time. Some people swam, but I would have drown because I was so tired. The next morning (today-Saturday), we had breakfast in the school cantine. It's not so good. I am trying really hard to adjust to the food here but McDonalds is really screaming my name. The whole group (80) walked to the Festival Walk. This is a huge mall and bus station. My group got to chill for about 2 hours in a coffee shop and have a quiet time and go over some things. We went grocery shopping which took a while and then came back to the University. From lunch till 7 we lesson planned for classes beginning on Monday. We have ALOT to do still! However, we went downtown tonight to the Hong Kong Square. I am so culture shocked. I never reall ythought of myself as a country girl but.. oh I am! I have actually never been in a "city" before and this is one of the largest in the WORLD. There are so many huge buildings, lights, people, food, and it is SO hott. Also, if you are in a bus's way.. ha see ya! It's CRAZY! I was a little nauseous because of all the panic but it's okay I'll survive. Dinner was different. I stuck with rice, diet cola (Coca-Light or Coke Zero). The rest of my team ate some crazy stuff. I'm not so adventurous with the food. I'm not sure if I will be or not but I'm not much of a variety eater anyhow. It's hott here-many Asians-ridiculous buildings-buses-lights-werid food-strange things but it's an adventure and a new culture. I can't wait to start class on Monday! Tomorrow should be a good day of rest so maybe I'll get some time to put up pics! I am so glad I got a few min. to talk to mom and Ann Morgan today!! I love my cousin~! Other than that, the phone has been difficult to get to so be patient! I love yall and keep up the prayers! Hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend! I wish I could have seen those fireworks! Let me know how it went!! :-)
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Holy Departure..!

Okay so I'm sitting in the lobby of the dorms because we are checking out!! Our flight isn't until late tonight but we have to have our luggage weighed/checked out. I'm so excited I can't stand it! I want to meet by students TODAY! :)   Today has been so relaxing. We still got up early because two of our team members were on an earlier flight so we had to say bye to them. After breakfast, we got to RELAX! We laid by the pool and got some sun! Oh yes, in our one pieces! However, it was nice because we are one of the last groups to leave. We ate lunch and then took long showers and blowed our hair for the last times! Packing is quite stressful because they are so picky on weight but it's all good! We have a couple more times where I will be able to write so I'll report back from the airport!!! Have an awesome day!! xoxo!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hey Again! So I haven't had the chance to write as much but I'm going to try to update you on the activities here! Sunday was a pretty busy day. We mainly focused on cultural relations and sat in gym bleachers in a classroom atmosphere. They are teaching us the same things we will be teaching or Asian students. However, my favorite part was when we split up into guy/girl rooms and a great speaker talked about friendship and team building and I learned alot about people and their "love languages." Sunday was mainly filled with learning and team building.
Monday was a new experience! After breakfast we worked on curriculum stuff... (boring) and then went to lunch. The meals are so fun because I get to sit and hang out with my group. Let me stop here and tell you a little about us that I have grown to learn. We are NEVER on time. Out of the 8 of us, there are 2 people that are planners and like to be punctual. It has become a camp joke but we honestly are trying harder. We only have one guy but he's awesome! I love him ! He has a great personality but definitely puts up with 7 girls all day every day. Which leads me to this.. We are extremely cliquey but not within our group. Collectively as a whole, we are always together. We are team Pui Ying because that is the name of the school we will be teaching at in Hong Kong.