Saturday, September 25, 2010

I don't wanna grow up...

So, most of my days are highlighted by the time I get to spend with my little friend who lives here. Her name is Kierra and she is 21 months. She and I play almost every day. She runs by my room and knocks on my door every time it's locked (meaning she can't just open it and walk in). She is absolutely the most fun person around and I wanted to show her off a bit.

She and her mom playing with the bubbles I bought her..

I also got her some fun numbers and letters for the bath!

Our attempt to make a cake. For some reason, Kierra kept eating EVERYTHING: the eggs, the dough, the icing, the cake itself..

And this is my other playmate. He belongs to the Thrift Store manager. His name is Aiden and he is 2. This is when we built a fort in the couches and played in it!