Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Holy Catch Up!!

Hey!! Okay so I know I have been slacking but I'm telling you.. I stay so darn busy! I will begin with Monday's activities! So obviously, Monday is a Monday! It was so hard to be excited and crazy when I felt like a sleeping puppy! However, I went in and tried my best. Actually, I don't have very much about the curriculum part because I was the visitor of the day. This means I went to every class room and did a little skit. So our team leader, Katie taught my class while I was gone. So the country of the day was France. They enjoyed my performance though. For lunch I went with 4 or 5 girls to a Sushi place. WOW.. Sushi here is like a dead fish straight from the ocean on a plate! haha!! This place we went you sit down and the choices just run across your table and you just grab which mister fish looks the most appetizing! :-)  However, I had an easier way...I ordered normal fried shrimp sushi and it was DELICIOUS!! I'm telling you what.. they gave Shogun a run for their money. The girls I went to lunch with are so funny. They aren't actually my students but.. They are so sweet and fun!! In the afternoon the culture was American Football! It was very challenging to get the kids to listen however... We did the cheers- It's great to be an Auburn tiger, orange/blue, and sang the chant... WAr Eagle fly down the field. We showed a big video of the pregame video from 07 and then we demonstrated a football game. We had students try to kick a fake football in a human goal post. It was fun! AFter school, a few students stayed around and danced with us for an hour! I was so EXHAUSTED! The day overall was .. a Monday!
So.. today.. Tuesday.. was pretty good! Class started with the normal-journals, turn in homework, and roll call. Then, we started talking about the country of the day, Romania. We spent like 30 minutes on the University Prep because to me that is so important. We went over the Their, There, and They're S and I think it helped them. We played a few games. For lunch, I went with 3 of MY GIRLS ! and some others to MAC DONAWHS. It was so fun to hang out with MY STUDENTS out of class. I love them! They taught me how to count to ten in Cantonese and we had a great time. Today's culture was so Funny!! It was American Romance. So, the only guy on our team and our team leader acted this out. We decorated with balloons, wedding bells, and actually had students dressed as groomsmen and bridesmaids. They did the first meet, the first date, the engagement and the wedding. The students LOVED it! They laughed, ohhed, awwed.. fabulous! After school today, I napped for a while because I was so tired. My throat is a little sore because a girl on my team is sick but I think rest helps! Here is my fun story for you....
So, we are not allowed to go by ourselves anywhere. However, the whole team was gone when I had to go to the store which is at a huge mall. So, thankfully, some other girls were going so I walked and rode the bus with them. When we got to the HUGE mall, they went their own way. So I was in the store by myself. I ran out of money so my chinese clerk was going nuts, the line was too. Then, I walked out and tried to take a taxi. He spoke no English, I spoke no Cantonese so that took a long time! It was CRAZY! Well then I was walking back and saw the Head Hauncho from our organization. YEA.. I ran and hid. Then, as I was walking back I realized i didn't have my room key. To get into our dorms, you scan your room key. Yea, I had to use someone elses and the guard was yelling something in Chinese as well. So, on the elevator.. everything seems okay.. BUT the doors open on my floor.. boom! The head hauncho! IT's okay she didn't say anything but overall it was a crazy experience!! haha!! Well I need rest but love yA!


mkmiller said...

hahahah bran wow you dont need to be getting into trouble =) be more careful young lady !! hahaha sounds like ur doing alot !!!!!!!!! im prayin 4 u !

Aunt Deb said...


Your days sound like such fun, filled with you learning as much as you are teaching, and an awesome experience.

Sushi in Asia is much better than in the USA. Enjoy it!

I am proud of you and I love you.
Aunt Deb

Blair said...

I love my sister! Looks like things are hillarious and fun so keep enjoying every minute you spend there. Miss you!

natalie said...

Hey darlin. I just caught up on all your blogs since we have been gone. You are doing a fabulous job as a teacher. We are SOOOO proud of you. We love you bunches. Mom and Dad