Monday, July 21, 2008

HOLY Half Way thru...

Hey PEopleS!
So it's Tuesday morning and I'm sitting in my classroom waiting for my students to arrive. I just want to take a minute to tell all of you that even though this is an amazing experience and I could do it forever, I really miss my family and friends. I had a sweet message on facebook from a friend in Alex City and it really touched my heart and I truly miss all of you. Sorry I haven't been able to call alot or write very often, but the time I get is limited and I have to spend it wisely. Things here are going smooth. Monday class was typical- blah blah answers and tired students. Today we visit Kenya and I don't plan to stick to the curriculum. In the students journals, I had them write their favorite and least favorite parts of my class and almost all of them said the English book was their least favorite part. It was fun to see what they thought of English camp. I've been doing lunch daily with the students so that is fun because we go to Chinese restaurants wehre they have to order for me. (you never know what you'll get!). Culture yesterday was sing alongs. At my station, we sang "I don't want to miss a thing," by Aerosmith. They screamed it! It was quite humorous! Well, I'm off to lesson plan but I love you and pray that you are doing well and letting Him shine through you in all that you do as well.


Blair said...

Just want to remind you that I love you like crazy! I miss you a lot too! And I am so proud of you... Half Way Mark is a great one to remind yourself to finish strong!!! Love you!

natalie said...

Can't believe you are half way through. Keeping up has been awesome!!!!!!!! But I do miss you bunches even though I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!! Ilove you bunches and bunches!