Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Woman.

This Woman has been in and out of prison for being a meth cook and user.
This Woman has had 3 out of 4 children taken from her and put into foster care.
This Woman's only legal child left is in a foster home until future progress.
This Woman thinks she loves a man who mistreated her, her son, and is stuck in prison. 
This Woman grew up in the same private school system that I did in Montgomery.
This Woman yearns for attention and acceptance from anyone around her. 
This Woman spent an hour weed eating around the place as her chore.
This Woman asked me to teach her how to make the bracelets and anklets I wear.
This Woman is making her son an orange and blue bracelet for their reuniting.
This Woman is my very good friend who I spend time praying for.
This Woman asked a question in bible study yesterday that blew my mind....

"What is that verse about being a new creation? You know the old has gone and the new has come?" 

2 Corinthians 5:17   "Therefore, if ANYONE is IN CHRIST, he is a NEW creation; the old has GONE, the NEW has COME!" 

Jesus Christ is the only God who can offer a brand new start, a brand new chance, a brand new life. Using my life as a testimony, He can completely make someone a NEW PERSON. HE ALONE can make someone new. No matter how hard we try, nothing else can do this. Jesus Christ has the power to transform a troubled, hell raising, disobedient, and prideful teenager into a follower who loves, forgives, and abides in Christ. Jesus Christ has the power to make a man blind from birth be able to see. Jesus Christ healed a royal official's son who lay sick and close to death. Jesus Christ made the lame man walk. AND JESUS CHRIST MADE THIS WOMAN A NEW CREATION, walking and abiding in Him to heal her addiction from drugs and abuse. 

What will He do for you today??