On the corner of 19th of April and Rodriguez sits a little green house
With 30 plus girls and one boy, we nicely fill it out
With electricity and water never a guarantee
This month is all about Breaking Free
Free from comforts, desires, and ultimately myself
Putting a whole new definition on what it means to have wealth
Immersed in a new lifestyle, new culture, new family and friends
Each day a decision on whom to depend
Depend on me and get tired and fail
Depend on my team, well there humans as well
Depend on my Jesus, but what exactly does that mean
It's that idea of faith: belief in the unseen
Or maybe you can see it if you look just right
Believe me or not it's a new kind of sight
It's in Alexandra's eyes and in Jose's smile
It's in Maria's look though it's distant all the while
Though all preciously different, they are undeniably the same
Because at the park or the nursing home the same king still reigns
This new sight has been my prayer though not sure what I was asking
I had no idea how much my vision was lacking
The eyes of Jesus I desperately hope to acquire
Over the next ten months, that is my deepest desire
Eyes to see His people in the same way as He
A life built in Him alone, with less and less of me
Frustrated at first with what all my eyes have missed
But thankful it's only month one; A smile I can't resist
Less than a week left in the D.R. time's going pretty fast
But the lessons and life change are truly going to last
This is more than just a mission trip, it is life amongst God's people
It's being the church not just a building with a steeple
So this month's about Breaking Free and receiving clearer sight
It's a life long battle I'm excited to fight!