Sunday, July 5, 2009

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

Happy Fourth to Everyone (late bday cards are always fun so I thought this would be too...) I hope everyone enjoyed their time celebrating all the good things of our country. I know some of you were at the beach, the lake, or the farm. I hope everyone saw enough fireworks to hold you off until New Years. Many of you may have bruises or scars from firework fights or common mistakes in firework shows (Brendles). I know my family enjoyed an amazing firework show on the lake given by my Dad. I'm a bit jealous I missed the lake burgers and fellowship. If you are wondering what I did on my fourth of July, I'll let you know. We had quite a July 3rd because LeCrae and Flame gave our Kamp and two other kamps a free concert. LeCrae is a famous Christian rapper known well around the Kanakuk parts. Most of our kids are too young to really understand the excitement of him being here but all the counselors were going nuts. It was such a fun time to just go crazy and release some endorphins. Plus, every concert I've ever been to I've sweat more than the person on stage surrounded by lights and fog. Therefore, I may have lost a few lbs. as well. :) Since we had the concert I feel like everyone was pretty tired on the fourth. We all got up and put on our best outfits. It's so cute to see kids all decorated in red, white, and blue. I helped Jane decorate the office with a big flag, balloons, and enthusiasm. One of my favorite parts of the day was between lunch and breakfast where Jane and I met the K1 office girls across the bridge. The K1 Kamp is located less than a mile away from our Kamp so you can walk there. We met and shared blueberries and sweet tea and just hung out. Jane and I made a sign for them which was also fun. The day in the office was pretty slow because their was no mail yesterday (or today since its Sunday). In the middle of the day, we played a trivia game with all the girls and some of the staff dressed up. I was dressed as Betsy Ross (made the first American flag), sitting with the Statue of Liberty, Sarah Palin, and Barbi. Maybe I'll be able to post some photos soon. The next fun thing we did was have a big pic-nic down in the lower fields and eat grilled chicken for dinner down by the lake. Dinner was followed by a big parade. The parade was hilarious- Santa Clause, Jane Qui Qui, bands, skit characters, Miss K kountry... etc. It was full of staff members dressed up on cars or golf cart 'floats' to entertain the kids and hand out candy. We wrapped the night up with a huge firework show. Two other kamps came back over to celebrate with us. The fireworks were really great!! No worries Dad, they had nothing on you. :) My favorite thing yesterday was some of my closer friends from Auburn arrived. I went crazy in excitement to just see new faces and be refreshed. It got me excited for my term as a counselor and to just see friends is always a great thing. Today and tomorrow will be my last days in the office for a while and I'm pretty sad about that. However, I am fully trusting the Lord to prepare my heart for my fellow staff and kampers to arrive. I'm not sure when I will have another chance to blog but know that I missed all of you over the Fourth. I hope all of you are still in one piece and had a great time with friends and family. Love and miss you guys!!