Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holy Clean Up

So it's Thursday morning! Last normal class day for Camp China! I am cleaning up my room and taking items off the wall. SAD! Yesterday was fun because we played games in the afternoon. Well we first went to lunch with the lady who is head over us at the school. It's the first Chinese meal I have enjoyed! We played games in the morning in the Hall and something I think incredible happened. We were just playing music throughout the whole morning but when we were on the last game (tag), Katie turned on Take It All by I think Charlie Hall and the teachers started dancing and singing b/c it's a wonderful song that we all sang at Passion and all of the sudden, the students started dancing! Before long, they made us replay it 2 more times and girls were dancing and screaming the words and having a blast. Most of them don't really know the words but it really made an impact on us. It was humbling seeing all our kids just drop their games and start singing..."...We're living for your name, we'll never be ashamed of you.. whaohh ohh. Without praise we know we are in vain... You take take take it all take take take it all away~!" So.. in China where freedom is slightly limited, these kids were actually singing this song in English which they had no idea what they were singing! It was so beautiful! After lunch we decided to show a movie for afternoon. I played a funny game with some of the older girls and really just bonded with them. AFter school, all the teachers and about 40 students BBQ all night long by the beach. It was a magnificant opportunity to share and have quality time! Alot of questions were asked and alot of testimonies were told. I have a short story for you that really encouraged me! One of my girls who is 12 years old and very low amount of English showed up at the BBQ. She doesn't have much money but bought a TON of stuff. I didn't even know about any of this. So, she got there in tears because her mom was on the phone screaming at her. Her friend told me in English what was going on and myheart just broke. I told them I would pay for it and all would be okay. However, two older girls from our camp that didn't even know my student very well jumped in to help with the language barrier for me. We decided we would pay and my student would be fine. Well, the most humbling thing happened next. The two older girls (one of which told me she sings the song I mentioned previously at her church) were giving my student (young, and didn't even know her) money. I asked how much I should give and they would NOT let me pay. They just said, "no no no you go have fun, eat.. it's okay." They wouldn't let me pay! These two beautiful girls stepped in to help a younger classmate and didn't let me help because it was my night to enjoy Hong Kong. This truly touched my heart! I love seeing Him work through others here as well! There is still hope in this city and I honestly believe there is hope for this nation. I need to run go get these crazy kids under control, but just wanted you to know that things are really amazing here~ Love you~