Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Holy Patience

So I am really loving this new experience. I am thinking there is education in the future! I am sitting here in my class on my lunch break in silence. My twenty students are enjoying an hour and a half. Each day we teach from nine to twelve thirty. Then, when they come back at two oclock, we have camp stuff with all the classes for the rest of the day. Today, we have an olympic assembly in the big hall. Today we handed out the books. It was interesting to hear them pronounce their words like their colors. I showed them a youtube cotton eyed joe cartoon video today and also a Kit Kat bar commercial off youtube because I bought them each a kit kat bar yesterday. :-) My class team name is "Top Class." So today I made them scream outside to the other classes their cheer and then all the classes came outside and we scram back and forth ending in.. We love English yes we do we love english how about you.. It was fun!! Let's see... We had fun doing our dialogue today and had few difficulties with behavior. I had sweat stains though so I tried to make fun of myself but.... they are so scared to laugh at me. haha. I'm used to being the only one laughing at myself anyway... My favorite part of teaching so far is learning my students. I try not to get mad when one isn't participating because I feel like there is something about each student that I need to learn before I get angry. For example, my sweet girl, "Candy," laid her head down alot today. AFter some communication barriers she tells me at her school, she is like on somewhat of a yearbook staff I believe. Like, she says she takes photos for her school and was up late working on that. I love knowing things like this. We had our assembly and after having to be "flexibur" because the Hall was booked when we thought it was open, we had to squeeze everyone in a small room. However, my 8 teammates and I and our 20 kids each got in a class room where we Cheered our class cheer and had yelling competitions. Then my guy in the group dressed as the marathon man and did a fun activity making students the olympic rings and dancing around to music. I led the whole camp in "Brandy says" which was so tiring but I recieved lots of laughter. It was a really fun day! I can't wait to see my students in the morning! Education is definitly a direction I plan to take! I really miss everyone though, but I hope all is well! Also, please lift up my parents. This week, they are moving out my things from my apartment. I am so incredibly thankful for them and the selfless love they show me every day. I love them ad hope that He will bless them for doing such things for me. Miss ya!

Holy First Day of Class

As I sit in my class room with a few students who stayed extra to work on our "team flag," I am so thankful for this opportunity! Today I met with my 20 students and learned introduction words and our class rules. Our team name is "Top Class." Our team cheer goes as follows:
"We are top class, we are number one. In our top class we have lots and lots of fun!" These were established by my students. The flag is quite the invention so maybe it will get better. Each assembly day the classes do their chant and wave their flag with honor. The first day was so much that I am not sure if my students had fun. Since we only had an hour and a half today, I was rushing so I may have left out some fun! However, the girls sitting with me right now are precious and I think things will get better! I need to run but I will write more when we get back to the dorms! Love and miss everyone!!