Saturday, July 12, 2008

Holy Greatness!!

Hey Everyone!!
First, I would like to start off by thanking everyone for commenting, reading, and keeping in touch on my blog! It's so fun to see comments and know that He is blessing you through my stories of Him working over here! I got on my email this morning and I had 27 emails which were all verifications of people leaving messages/comments on here and facebook. I truly felt loved!
I want to share with you some really good updates! Friday, I felt like I had a completely new class! They did so wonderful! I realized that my students were having an EXTREMELY hard time understanding things so I lesson planned for like two hours Thursday night to try to make vocabulary more fun and to get them to participate. For the first word, amazing, I decided to do an activity. I got those pills from home that when you put them into water, they turn into like a large animal. Haha! So I put one on each groups desk. I said okay, amazing is like... "Wow!" I made them put two W's up to their wide open mouths to make the word WOW. Then, I showed them the experiment and they really liked it. One pill turned into a pig so I started to snort which drew a few laughs. The next word was boot. I googled an image of a boot to show them but.. nah. The definition was.. "a show that covers your leg," so I raised my entire leg onto a desk to demonstrate. For some reason, they thought that was halirious! So, I motioned to my shoe, leg, and they really got that one down! In fact, later in the day.. They told me that Italy (the country of the day) looked like a boot, "a Shoe that covahs yor leg." haha! Um, for the vocab word, broken, I broke a pencil like 3 times so whenever we do broken they put their hands up and act like they are snapping a pencil and do a "knock" noise with their mouths like me! haha! We had like 10 words but I can't remember them all. So, then we discussed Italy and they did really well with their maps and all. We studied people from there and one was Marco Polo! So, we played Marco Polo in the class (out of water). Even though they were running into desks, they really had fun! After lunch, our culture was Halloween. So, me and another girl were witches. All the teachers dressed up! I took each group door to door to "Trick or Trea." haha! So, some deeper things for ya...
One of my students, Tracy, told me her dad was her hero :-) Also, I gave the journal topic "What is religion, what is your religion, and what do you like to do." I got some cool answers, some that broke my heart. The main thing they say is.. I have no religion, I just believe in myself. -no comments please. So.. Well, one girl told me she would really miss me when I left. OH and after school on friday, me and three students played volleyball for an hour! It was soooo fun! They were really good. They talked alot which is different than in class so..
Friday night, we went to the Hong Kong Peak which is where you can look out. It was so foggy we couldn't see much but... o well. It was still fun! Some culture stuff for you.. I obviously don't like to try new things. I have refused to eat ox tongue, lamb, I tried duck though! I usually just eat rice while everyone tries other things. I have eaten McDonalds twice. The malls are HUGE and have everything! The trams and subways.. ridiculous~ I can't imagine our culture this way. I sometimes get a lil sick downtown because I am culture shocked with the buildings and SO MANY DEADGUM PEOPLE! I survive.
Today, we slept in!! YEA! I needed some rest. We went around the city and then met up with Katie (my team leader who was here last year) her girls from last year! One had a guitar show tonight at a church! IT was so neat. They sang songs and I will explain that later! Then, two of the girls, me and katie and Liz all went to dinner. It was fun because it was just the 3 of us Americans with 2 sweet highschool girls! I loved them! I loved the quality time! Their English was very good! They are like at a really good school. They said i was humorous and I need to be on a diet. haha nah, they just play because I went to McDonalds and then wanted icecream! haha! I can't wait to see them again tomorrow for our "pool time!" So, it's like really late but I love you all and misss you!! HAve a great WEekeND!