Monday, May 17, 2010

Salvation in Taiwan.

I have so much to write about. I have seen three miraculous things but I have to tell you about the one that kept me up last night. The last thing we did yesterday was head to the Taipei Night Market. After dinner and shopping, we headed home on the MRT. Cindy Lee's friend who we had been trying to reach all night finally called us while we were headed home on the train. We decided to go meet her anyways. This friend named Olga is the manager over all the Timberland stores in Taiwan (she's a big deal). She's also a mentor and Christian friend of Cindy's. We met her at one of her stores and this beautiful woman was shining at the first glance. After introductions, the very first thing she asked was if we would pray for her store manager. We had just gotten to the store and thought we would look around but God had bigger things in store. She introduced us to the most precious, naturally beautiful 29 year old friend named Dada. This had to have been the most divine appointment I have ever been apart of. Dada is an unbeliever but said it was ok that we pray for her. Olga wanted so bad for her to know Jesus and felt like the Lord brought us there for that specific purpose. So, she took all of us to the back of the store to a small "warehouse closet". Me, Olga, Cindy and Dada all fit in a little nook while the rest of the team lined the walls. Without knowing anything about her except she was not saved, and with prayer completly by translation, I laid my hands on Dada. As we prayed, the Holy Spirit flowed out of both me and the translator. I just prayed so hard bc I knew this was way to coincidental to not have purpose. I prayed boldly in Jesus’ nameasking for salvation and also relaying the words the Lord laid on my heart to tell her how much she was loved. I told her that at some point money, man’s love, alcohol, and self would not be enough to satisfy the empitness in her heart, but that in her own time God would be there to do just that. He spoke His sovereinty to me thru Romans 9:16. I just knew that He was really stirring her heart. When I finished praying, my team left but me, dada, olga, and cindy stayed in the room. Iasked about her life and she informed me that she lives with her boyfriend and wants to try church. At this time, the Lord moved me to share a little bit of my story and then just that He wants her to be loved, satisfied and complete. My heart raced as she cried and the translators went back and forth. Even though it's completely agaisnt Asian culture, I wrapped my arms around her and told her Iloevd her. We left the closet and all went to a tea shop. In that tea shop, last night at midnight, via two translators and a passionate group of believers, the Lord got another child back in His arms. 

Dada asked about our religion. She had grown up with parents who practiced some type of Taioism but she wasn’t believing anythying really. Then she said the one thing that literally made me bust into tears. the one thing that has broken my heart all year. She said that when she hurts, she will go out with her friends and have drinks until she is drunk. I asked her if that really solved her problem or healed her pain and she responded, No. I told her Iwas crying becuase Ihad been there before. I have tried filling that void with alchol and Ipromised her that just like now, it will never heal her pain. I told her that love from a man would not fill it either, I'd tried that too. At this point, my precious friend, Cindy spoke for a few moments about a relationship with Jesus in Chinese. None of us know what was being said, but our spirits and hearts were intertwined. We all just prayed and prayed for salvation. All of the sudden, Cindy turned to us and said, ok She wants to accept Jesus. Astonished, we all laid hands on her and prayed. Cindy told us that she told Dada that she didn't have to make a decision now but that God was always ready for her. But, Dada insisted that she wanted it now. His kingdom came down and grace was at it's best.

I guess tea will forever remind me of this precious moment. At midnight, my new sister, Dada was born. The Lord answered prayer, and even used me in His bigger plan. We also prayed over Olga and the coninuing of discipleship and friendship. When we were leaving, Ireceived the most amazing hug from an Asain Ihad met in a closet just a few hours before. I'll neverfor get the night salvation came at a Tea Shop in Taipei, Taiwan. Glory to my Jesus.