Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moving to Montana.

These are pictures from last weekend at Rock Creek. Sonja and I went up and spent the day Saturday with Lindsey and her family.

A cool shot of the train coming thru.

Me and Sonja

Me and Linz

Me and Sonja with the Wise Family

Me and the River

So, I wanted to let those of you who don't already know that I am moving to Montana until December. Teen Challenge has asked me to stay on as staff and work the weekend shifts as well as living here with the girls. I am in the process of interviewing for another part time job somewhere maybe in childcare. This means I will be taking the semester off from Auburn but will resume in the Spring. I'm learning so much here so I don't think taking a semester off quite justifies my learning. There are things I learn here that I could never learn in a class room. However, I want to finish school and love the Social Work program at Auburn so I will definitely be heading back to finish up. This decision came with many prayers and many opened and closed doors. I never actually heard the voice of the Lord instruct me here, but I did pray for opened doors that would point me in the right direction. My parents allowed this to be my decision which really was a blessing to have their approval. Of course, I think they really don't like the whole idea since they value school but they trust my judgment and walk with the Lord. At this point, I honestly don't know if I am making a huge mistake or not but I do know that the Lord promises His children that in all things, He works situations out for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Not only do I love Him, but I love the work He is doing in and through the women here in Teen Challenge. I also love the work He is doing in me. There are many places in my life that still need healing and discipline and I find that through the staff and the mentors here. He is stretching me beyond what I knew I could do and the leadership I could hold. Being responsible for 20 + women is no joke. Many days I am frustrated, disappointed, angry, and filled with my flesh but He is really teaching me how to love and serve others each day. I love Montana. It's absolutely beautiful and I always like to be a part of an adventure and this probably is one of the biggest adventures of my life yet. I will be home the 16-21 to get some stuff and see my friends and family. Please let me know if you are available and want to hang out. I am trusting that the Lord has His hand in this whole move even if it seems off the wall. I am just letting Him drive while I enjoy Him in the passenger's seat. I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I walk thru this. Thanks for following my blog.

Things Ahead at Teen Challenge:

August 28-30 Spiritual Emphasis Camp for all students, staff, and alumni- Medical Lake in Washington
September 12- Sarah Palin will be here in Missoula to host a one night event fundraising for us to remodel our house. We will get to meet her and hear about her desire for God, Country, and Family
October 25- Brandy's Birthday :)