Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter with Emily

Even though Easter was on April 12, 2009, my buddy and I decided to celebrate on the 15th. I have been so so excited about spending time hanging out with Emily so I really prepared to make this time special. I picked Emily up around 3 from her house and drove to Town Creek Park in Auburn. There, Emily and I met up with many of my friends who had been invited to attend this party. The party was an Easter celebration for Emily. My friends and I set up decorations, cookies, drinks, games, eggs, and all sorts of fun. We dyed Easter Eggs, played with a kite, made candy necklaces, played Simon Says, played Pin the Egg on the Bunny, hunted for Easter Eggs, laughed, loved, and enjoyed one another. The day was so so fun! Emily had a great time! My friends love Emily and she loves them too. Around 5:30, Emily and I spend dinner together at McAlisters before I dropped her off at gym at 6. The day was so so great! Every effort I put into this party was extremely rewarded. I am so thankful for all my friends and their help. Here are the pics and Emily's commentary too! :) 

best buddys‏
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Hi Brandy
I had a wonderful time with you yeasterday. hear are my pichers from the easter party .
Im sory if i got thim to you late . I have had a bisy day with track . i got first in walking and 2nd in runing long jump. i did better from last year!
hear are my bunnys you gave me i will enjoy playing with thim i have them siting still anoph to take the picher for thay love moveing around like me.
you wont to know what i thought of the party ? i was grate i realy injoyed it all that its hard to pick  my faveret part. I enjoyed being with your friends .
 my sister got me a colage year book im shere it has some of your friends in it . if you would like to get to gether next wen. it would have to be after 12. but  if your to bisy with school thats ok i will eather call or text you and tell you how i did with Gymnastice.
hear from you soon!
your friend Emily

Emily B.