Saturday, July 19, 2008

Holy Surrender

Hey Guys!
Well it's the weekend now. School is out for now but it's always on my mind for sure!~ The carnival was sorta crazy but it was fun. The kids apple bobbed, painted faces, ate popcorn, and played BINGO which was the BIGGEST hit. I actually used it in class on Friday. I got sorta lazy this week in class and did more fun things than sticking to curriculum. The relationships with the kids are definitly growing rapidly. Thursday night we went to Hong Kong Park. IT was absolutely gorgeous! It is a very big place with lots of areas to chill. So, my team leader had us split up and have 30 min just in thought. It was good to clear my head and listen to some music. If you go go go as much as we try to do, it can literally drive you to death. Friday was an okay day. Of course me and my students all wanted it to be the weekend so we sorta played around. We actually played baseball with a bat and a beach ball. It was difficult to explain to them all the rules but they seemed to like it. In fact, some of my girls that don't EVER participate, played with us! That afternoon we had "movie culture night." So, we watched Cool Runnings with them! I've been playing ALOT of volleyball with the kids so my skills are definitly tested. I really like just playing now a days. After the movie and the kids left, we hurried home and then got ready to go to the IMAX theatre with another group. We watched Batman with this group and we brought one of our favorite students along. The movie was insane but it takes place in America and Hong Kong. It was so funny because we are in Hong Kong and every time it came on the scream, our little googly selves couldn't contain our excitement so we would be like AHHH we know this building, or what have you. :-) The lady at our school who is like the principle went with us as well. They took us to dinner at a place where the villagers like. I will tell you only this about the restaurant.... we had chicken.. (complete with the head lo0oking at me the entire time), duck ( the beak was pointed at me), shrimp (with the entire body entached.. eyes, and whiskers) and fish balls. Yea, i had some rice. I have tried the chicken and the duck though. Then, one of my teammates ate the chicken head. I'm not even exaggerating. So, I may have it easy in the city but it is still another country! This morning (Saturday) we got to sleep in. We had a major hike today. We hiked up a mountain and then down to the ocean. It took over three hours. It was very very tough and I am in pretty good shape. The views however were OUTSTANDING! Creation reveals the glory! There were other mountains, ocean water, and beautiful clouds engulfing us as we walked/runned/and stumbled. One of the girls from the school who speaks amazing English and we got to church with here, Maxine (15), went with us today so that was fun. We then got in the ocean for a bit. I went shopping tonight with some girls. Sorry Mom, but that credit card was used tonight. I needed some stuff though. I only have one weeks worth of clothing. :-) Love you mommmmmy~! Well, we will get up early for church and I need to go see if my laundry is done. I will try to upload some photos but no promises! I love you!

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Head said...

It seems that you had so much fun in Hong Kong. That's great! You are like a baby when you write things to your mum HAHA!:)
I hope to see you soon!!