Friday, July 4, 2008


Hey! okay I am making this very brief because I have never felt so tired in my entire life. We got to Hong Kong safely after 15 hours on a plane. Everyone was very swollen. The city is AMAZING! I've never really been in a city so being in the like #2 city of the world.. WOW. They have the oldest suspension bridge in the world so that was awesome. Anyway.. we went to our school and met the officials and I'll report more about that later. Everything is awesome we just haven't slept in literally 40 hours. I love yall and I promise you more later. Oh, Happy Fourth of July. WE also had a big banquet tonight to celebrate. ok I'm falling asleep. LOve

It's midnight so I'm going to try to pick up and update. I'm so sorry I can't write much. I have met a whole new extreme of exhaustion. Last night was really fun. There was a big party for us at the Yacht Club. All the supporters of ELIC from Hong Kong came and ate dinner/fellowshipped with us. We sang some Chris Tomlin songs and had a wonderful time. Some people swam, but I would have drown because I was so tired. The next morning (today-Saturday), we had breakfast in the school cantine. It's not so good. I am trying really hard to adjust to the food here but McDonalds is really screaming my name. The whole group (80) walked to the Festival Walk. This is a huge mall and bus station. My group got to chill for about 2 hours in a coffee shop and have a quiet time and go over some things. We went grocery shopping which took a while and then came back to the University. From lunch till 7 we lesson planned for classes beginning on Monday. We have ALOT to do still! However, we went downtown tonight to the Hong Kong Square. I am so culture shocked. I never reall ythought of myself as a country girl but.. oh I am! I have actually never been in a "city" before and this is one of the largest in the WORLD. There are so many huge buildings, lights, people, food, and it is SO hott. Also, if you are in a bus's way.. ha see ya! It's CRAZY! I was a little nauseous because of all the panic but it's okay I'll survive. Dinner was different. I stuck with rice, diet cola (Coca-Light or Coke Zero). The rest of my team ate some crazy stuff. I'm not so adventurous with the food. I'm not sure if I will be or not but I'm not much of a variety eater anyhow. It's hott here-many Asians-ridiculous buildings-buses-lights-werid food-strange things but it's an adventure and a new culture. I can't wait to start class on Monday! Tomorrow should be a good day of rest so maybe I'll get some time to put up pics! I am so glad I got a few min. to talk to mom and Ann Morgan today!! I love my cousin~! Other than that, the phone has been difficult to get to so be patient! I love yall and keep up the prayers! Hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend! I wish I could have seen those fireworks! Let me know how it went!! :-)
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Blair said...

I am so so so so proud of my little sister, and jealous all at the same time! I know you aren't a city girl, but I hope you are having a fantastic time. Please branch out and try some different food =) know that i miss you and love you like crazy. spread the WORD!

natalie said...

Hello precious. Hope things are calming down a bit!!! We missed you so much at the lake. Blake took pics of the fireworks for you. Good luck on your first day of teaching. I love you bunches and bunches!!!!!!!!!! Mom