Saturday, July 4, 2009

Start of July.

Hello to All!!
Well the term is winding down. All of next term counselors arrive tomorrow by 6. Some of them have already trickled in while others are on their way. I'm so excited to see my friends and new faces. On July 7, it has been confirmed that I will be a counselor. I don't know my co or my ages of kids yet but I'll let you know. I will be a counselor for the first 4 weeks and then an office girl the last 2 weeks. I feel like the Lord really blessed this decision and has been so faithful to me and blessed me with a great opportunity to pour love and passion into these kids so that they too may come to know the Lord the way I have. The Lord has blessed Kkountry and healed up a lot of the sicknesses that had been accumulating here. I pray that He continues to protect and watch over our camp. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to all my friends here as they go home when their term is over on the 7th, but I have faith that these relationships are in Him and will continue to produce fruit and glorify the King. I am super happy to report good health on my older sister's behalf. Please read her blog and dive in to her heart for the Lord. She's so talented in poetry and the way the Lord has ministered and made Himself known to her in her last month of ministry is beautiful and contagious. ( I am hoping to post some pics up of the past few days at Kamp tonight on my last time off. Know everything here is good and I can't wait to see what He has in store. :) Love!!