Sunday, May 10, 2009

RIP Montero Sport.

My car would die during the season at church on Treasure. It's funny because the other day my friend Malorie and I were discussing her story of a dropped iphone. A friend dropped her iphone on accident and I asked what her response was. She explained how there's no real reason to get too upset especially because her phone still works and the screen is still okay so the indention on the left corner is the only real damage. As I think back over the semester, I can think of 2 more friends who have had their Iphones dropped. I have seen their reactions and questioned my own. It's funny how the Lord will teach us things in perfect timing. Right when I am telling people how it's just a phone and what's the real value when it stays on Earth in the end anyways, my car of 6 years finally came to a stop. My car was towed this morning from Auburn and will be fixed and sold for good. Too many times have we tried to fix the old bird and it's just time to say good bye. My parents have decided to give me my older sisters car who is gone on a mission trip until December. When she returns, she will receive a new car. Hm, yea, it hit me funny at first as well. This is my sisters second car already and she is the one who will get a new one. However, she also finished college which was my dad's deal for new cars. I realized the very first feeling for me was jealousy, then anger and unsatisfaction.  The Lord spoke to me to capture those thoughts of flesh and dig deep in to the real treasures in life-those of eternal value. Matthew 13:44 came to mind as I realized that my treasure for a few moments was in my car. Therefore, my heart responded in feelings that are not from Him or of Him. When my treasure is of eternal matters, there my heart is as well. We all know that it would clearly be impossible to bury me and my car in a coffin. It's true, my car will not be leaving this Earth with me. ONLY HE REMAINS. It's not wise to invest time, money, and ourselves into people, places, or things of this world. The only investment now is gaining more of Him. Ecclesiastes 5:10 shares that when we love money or worldly items, we are NEVER satisfied. Don't you know that feeling?  Jim Elliot wrote, "He is no fool who gives what He cannot keep to gain what He cannot lose." So read Matthew 6 and see what the Lord would speak to your heart about your Earthy treasures. When an iphone and a car can't be thought about to live without, think about the eternal value in that. I am not saying those things are bad, but don't place heavenly value on them because you will never be satisfied. Be satisfied in HIM alone. Pursue the gifts that will last in Eternity! There's no better time than now to realize where you place your value in life.