Friday, July 25, 2008

Holy relations!

Hey Yall!

I am so sorry I haven't written in forever~! I just realized I haven't written since Tuesday morning. The reason for this catastrophe is I am madly in love with my students, my friends, and now in my opinion, my family! Hong Kong is so amazing. The third week of camp, everything seems to click. Students begin to reach out to their teachers and do things with us ALL the time. I wouldn't change that for the world. However, it is difficult to journal here because I am so exhausted all the time as well. It has been a struggle to stay strong in my QT's but I am working hard. Faith is pushing me through every step of the way! I can honestly say I am in love with this experience!
Well, Tuesday we had a really fun day. After lunch (which is always Chinese with the students ), we had a foil fashion show. One boy and one girl from each class has to model after their class decorates them completely in toilet paper and aluminum foil. I chose one of my sweet girls who is TINY and one of the guys. We decorated them in laughter and fun. It was so funny when all the students went on stage as "foil models."

AFter school this day, Katie and I went and met up with those girls she had at camp last year. I am close to them through other means of communication so they begged me to come as well. I can say it was one of the most fun nights here. The rest of the team went and ate and sang kareokee with some of our students which I am sad I missed, but my night was fantastic! We met the kids and went to eat sushi!
You will never believe what I did~! AFter some convincing on their behalf, I tried octopus, jelly fish, salmon, and very raw shrimp shushis! They were interesting! The octopus.. very chewy but I finished it. The salmon.. good at first but only two of them until it gets nasty. The jellyfish.. absolutely HORRIBLE.. I spit it in my napkin! lol!~ So, I at least ventured out and tried some crazy stuff!!
After what I felt was an amazing dinner, we went to the arcade where you take "ze photos." There's a machine that is Japanese where you go in and it's like a mall photo booth at home except it's like 10 times more fun and eventful~! I can't really explain it but I'll show you the pics when I return! It was so fun~! I giggled like a child and then we played some arcade games! You have to remember this is like a group of 10 of them and they are extremely clsoe so it always serves for a fun night~! One of my girls, Katrina, always jokes on me for being so fat. She says, "no ice cream, you too fat." So, I always joke back about loving icecream even though she tells me I shouldn't eat it~! After games, we went to get icecream at McDanawhs. We took more pictures which I will try to upload, and it was a total blast! I truly love this group of friends!

Wednesday-Always is a fun day! We don't do curriculum on this day. We played volleyball and basketball and games in the morning. We then had a CRAZY afternoon!~ The culture for the afternoon was water fighting! So, we had all the kids take roll and (we told them to bring extra clothes) go down to the bottom floor that is outside. so then, all the teachers went to the fourth floor and got buckets of water and without them knowing, dumped water on them from above. Of course, that started a complete brawl! They were going nuts. We filled like hundreds of water balloons and threw them at eachother! We had an hour of literal water chaos. Kids were using water balloons, trashcans, water bottles, old bags.. anything they could to get water on us and eachother! The crazy event was over at 3:30 so the kids took off. Some of the teachers went to the Stanley Market (nicer market for tourist and lots of pearls). We shopped for a while with some students, and then hit McDonalds for another dinner. Stanley was fun but it has really beautiful beaches. We took pics at the beach and really that's about it!~

Thursday-This day was difficult to get up and get going because I am always so tired! I think I told you that I am totally just doing games in my class now a days. We played a maze game where I blindfolded them and set the desk up in a maze so their team had to tell eachother in English how to get through it. I had them work on their lefts and rights! After this game, we played a game where they had to get things from their bags or purses that started with each letter of the alphabet. I was so impressed with their ability to do this game! I am pretty sure they had fun! For culture this afternoon, we went to the big hall and demonstrated Christmas! This event, I was in charge of, but it went well. We used bed sheets, towels, and props to invent our very own Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, a shepherd, an angel, and a wiseman. We used a big screen behind the center stage for visuals and pretty much did like a "Your place at the Manger" type thing. As Katie read the story, the characters walked down from the back and up to the stage. After the serious part was over, I knocked on the door and busted in as Santa Clause. I through out candy and toys and then we sang a bunch of songs. It was really fun! I think they enjoyed it! After this, our team went to a dinner that was held for us here at the University. It was a good time and we met alot of students.
Friday-disaster! I couldn't focus so we literally just played games! I realized that we only have one more week so now I just want to spend time with the kids and get to invest in their lives. The afternoon was the same way. Some played outdoor games, some just chilled with us! After the school day was over, we went home to change and get ready for another AMAZING night. We told the whole camp that we would go to Pizza Hut for dinner and told them where and when. We weren't really sure who all would come but we thought we would throw it out there. I was literally shocked by what I saw when I arrived. There was probably at least 35 students waiting on us for dinner! I was so happy because 8 of them were mine~!! It made me feel so special and that our kids like us! I love my kids so much and the return love from them was so needed as I reach crunch time here. After we ate at Pizza Hut (which by the way is like an Olive Garden here!! It's really really nice), we went with all the kids to Times Square and took photos in a photo booth. It was literally halirious! I love this group of students! I had so much fun, I never wanted to leave! Yet, I need sleep. :-)
Saturday- This was another day where we invited the students to an unknown turn out. We invited the camp to go to the Stanley Beach to swim, play volleyball, and shop in the market. When we arrived, there was about 15 students. One of them was mine so I was really happy! Really, they're all mine. I am close to alot of students! However, by the end of the day, 3 of my students were playing in the water and volleyball with me! It was fun! One of the girls came with her family so I got to meet her 5 year old sister.. ADORABLE and her dad and brother! I got a little sunburnt but I needed it !! After we swam, we went to the market for a bit. We then took a bus to a place called SoHo where it's like a very big hill. They have the longest escalator in the world. Yea.. crazy! We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant! It was very appetizing and nice to chill with just the team! We shopped for a bit after this and now I am FINALLY back at the dorm. I am so tired but I have to wait on my clothes to finish drying! I am having so much fun here! I am so in love with teaching, my students, this city, this culture, and this life! I really miss my peoples at home, but I am not exactly thrilled about leaving! I know He wants me in this area so that is an answer to me! Tomorrow we will have BBQ with some kids so that should be interesting! I will put some pics up when I get a chance but I love you and know I can't wait to see you when I return home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



natalie said...

Thanks for catching us up. It sounds like an amazing week!!! We are soooo proud of you. I know you are doing a great job and hate to leave but we can't wait to see you soon. Keep up the good work! Love you bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Deb said...

Sleep is over-rated! Get all the experience there that you can and sleep when you come home. Be well and know, I am so very proud that you are learning as well as teaching. This time away can be an amazing break for you, so that you can receive the messages coming your way.
I love you. Aunt Deb