Thursday, June 10, 2010

Missoula, MT

Just a quick update.
I am here in Missoula working at the Teen Challenge Montana Outreach. There are 16 ladies here who are being restored and redeemed with the grace of Jesus Christ. The facility consists of four bedrooms for the ladies (housing 4 each) with one bathroom per bedroom, a classroom, a chapel room, the staff bedroom/bathroom (where I stay), offices, living room, and of course, a kitchen. It's a very nice facility with even nicer people. The staff is absolutely incredible. It consists of about 5 girls close to my age who are extremely devoted in their walks with Jesus, 4 of whom graduated through the Teen Challenge program with incredible testimonies. I love seeing success. No success means more to me than to see people succeed in declaring their freedom and power over the enemy, his lies, and his bondage. This place is full of the Holy Spirit. Many of the women have their own prayer languages, and every morning I feel His presence when we all stand in the living room and worship for 30 minutes before the day begins. He is so faithful to His children. He longs for us to find freedom in Him.

I have horses and mountains for neighbors. Everywhere I turn, mountains.

Things to be prayed for:
-continued easy adjustment for me
-women to open up and allow the Lord to use me to speak truth and love into their lives
-fast pace of training
-some kind of transportation for my off days