Saturday, August 22, 2009

Already reuniting.

  It has been barely a week since I left Branson, MO. However, there has been quite the reunion in Auburn this weekend. Three of our friends drove in from Branson, two from Atlanta, and then the rest of us from Auburn have all reunited this weekend. Tonight, some of us went to a Braves game and then to the Varsity. The one thing that really excites me about this group of people is that they remind me of memories and stories of Kamp. Most of them worked with me first session when I was a volunteer (V), and that is where I feel like most of my memories were made and my fun was experienced. It is just amazing to see the Lord bring so many individual college students together with one goal and one passion to one place to glorify one Lord. The fact that there is this many legit people living for Jesus is just inspiring and uplifting when I think about my generation. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work along side these people and can only pray that He uses our time together to teach and work in our hearts. 

Update: Here is a few things that I am excited about for the Fall. The Lord has given me the opportunity to lead a small group Sunday School of third graders at my church here in Auburn. I am so excited to be a teacher and get to know and love these kids! Also, I will be leading a few girls in the community in a small group once a week. I am praying that the Lord continues to orchestrate the logistics of that and starts opening their hearts and growing my wisdom in Him. Last but certainly not least, I will be doing my Social Work field practicum 6 hrs. a week at a Women's Substance Abuse Program. I am overjoyed with this and know that the Lord has placed it in my path with complete purpose. I am so excited to hear these women's life stories and have a chance to share the greatest addiction of all with them: Jesus. Praise Him for allowing me to be a part of any of these things. I am so unworthy and inexperienced but I am praying that He knows what He is doing when He appoints me to these places. I am trusting that He will provide the strength, energy, and wisdom in these things and will allow me to be a beacon of light for His Kingdom.