Thursday, July 17, 2008

Holy Loving

Hey!! I have so much to update you all with so I promise that is coming! It's almost the weekend where I will hopefully have more time. Lesson planning and hanging out with kids 24/7 is tough in a WONDERFUL way. I absolutely love these kids! I adore each memeber of this camp. My students and the others. I want to share with you what perked up my morning. You know how Friday mornings can be. I woke up very late today and was very groggy. I even slept on the bus which is different for me. Then, as I strolled into the school one of my sweet girls, Yu, ran across the field and jumped right into my arms screaming ..."Brandy!!!" I was so excited! I love this week because they are really starting to love being around us and I am obsessed with loving on them because it's weird to them. I can't wait to show you all pictures of my kiddos!! I love them! Sorry.. enough blah and my boys are getting ancy in here so I must go be a teacher!! My new favorite thing! :-)

Holy Photo Update!!

Me and some of my Girls!!
Me and some of Mike's Class-volleyball girls

Volleyball during Wednesday Carnival-Apple Bobbing !!!