Tuesday, October 13, 2009

passion and grace

If you haven't gotten it by now, let me say it once more, I LOVE Hosanna. Sunday I was blessed to take four of my friends to the Passion City Church in Atlanta. This is the church I attend twice a month; Louie Giglio speaks and there's many mainstream artists who lead worship (Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill...) It was huge that my supervisor allowed me to even do this!! Ashley, Katie, Jenny, Abbey, and I jammed out to music all the way to Atlanta. When we got there, Chris Tomlin opened up with the song, "Your Grace is Enough." This is the song the Hosanna girls have been singing as they travel to different churches to raise support. Of course, knowing the first song was an awesome start to an amazing night. Louie spoke on grace again which is such an awesome subject. It was so humbling to sit and hear these words as I not only thought about the stories of the women I was with but also the testimony of my own life. 

 There are two impossibilities that are necessary to consider. 1. It is impossible for us to make our way back to a holy, perfect, and righteous God. 2. Living out who we are is impossible without God.  - So... We can't live without Him but we can't make our way back to Him.  =GRACE-God at work doing something we can't do. 

The cross- Sins weren't just forgiven. Sins weren't just taken away. Sins weren't just defeated. That's only half the story missing the main point. Jesus gave us HIS righteousness. (Romans 3:22) When you believe it, you receive it. Look at Isaiah 53. It was intentional that God took every single sin of every single life and crushed His son with it. - God didn't just raise Jesus up in righteousness, but God took our sin (because we can't even do that) and placed it on His son. AND, he put the righteousness of Jesus on US. That's how we live out who we are. That's why there is no more shame, guilt, or condemnation (Romans 8:1).  Drop the weight and receive the cross. 

This sermon impacted my friends and me. One of my friends stood up to profess that for the first time in her life, she understood why she doesn't have to have shame anymore. She no longer carries this huge massive weight on her back . She is free of condemnation, guilt, and shame. Jesus Christ carried that weight for her a long time ago. Now, she's experiencing real freedom. Another friend gave 5$ to the offering. This is HUGE because they are not allowed money on them unless they take it out and sign for it. My supervisor allowed them to each take out 10$ for supper. Well, for someone to give 5 of their 10 dollars... serving. 

They met Chris Tomlin, received free cds, and were treated well by my church. On the way home I heard a comment muffled that really made me feel good inside. After I made them go through a car wash with me (silly mood I was in..) one said... "Wow, I've actually had so much fun tonight and I'm not high or drunk." This came from a mouth I would never have thought I would hear such a comment. 

Lives were impacted. Jesus- He is still doing it.