Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shout out to Hosanna Home from Taichung

Just wanted to write real quick and give a shout out to my peeps back home. I just got to talk to some of my Hosanna Homies and their babies. I got all 5 babies voices right. I just love them. I miss my girls though and am praying for you all constantly. There are women here who are inspired by some of the stories I have shared about the Lord's faithfulness to you and His grace that covers us all. The women here are like many of us were before we really understood the Love of our precious Savior. They find it very difficult to receive love. They have a void in their hearts that longs to be filled with anyone or anything that will give momentary satisfaction. Like we all know and study, our Jesus is the real satisfaction and is the only one to make us whole. Maybe someday I can organize a trip for you ladies to come here. I think I just came up with a dream that is well worth looking into. We know that once we know and rely on the love God has for us, we are compelled to share that love with others. Ladies, if you get to read this... Spend some time today to meditate on how much the Lord loves you. Not only did He send His son to die so that you are forgiven of your sins, but He resurrected from the grave so that we could have life-Him in us, us in Him. He desires to be with you, so let Him do that today. Think of the past year and how He has prepared for you, comforted you, protected, and provided for you. You may run from Him from time to time, but He never leaves or forsakes you. Once you have spent some time receiving His love, think of how you can share it with others. I like to think that if you kept all that love from Him inside of you, you will get "spiritually constipated." So, in a strange way, let it out on others. hehe!!! EW! I am so weird, I know. But really, I know there is someone there that you can't stand- in fact, most of you I can name the person that comes to your minds. Share some love with them today. Not because they deserve it, but because Jesus who lives in them deserves it. I am praying for each one of you by name. I appreciate all of your prayers as I continue on this journey. I am doing really well. I miss you. Love you all,
Brandy B. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taiwan #5

Just a fast update with where we are/where we've been. The past few days we have been staying at an AIDS orphanage in Taipei (the capital city). We helped out and kept about 15 children under the age of 2. One day we even took the to the park and the night market. We also visited the older adult branch of the organization which was so sad because those patients are very sick. Yesterday, we took a two hour bus ride to Taichung. It's another pretty large city but is also more spaced out. Here, we are staying with our host missionary family. They are from America but have 3 daughters all college age or up who were all born and raised here. Most of them are fluent in Chinese. The house is wonderful though, and very much closer to home. We are spending our time here at an English Christian school which is like a boarding school for children whose parents work in China, Taiwan, etc. They all speak English (obviously it's an English school). So it's just about hanging out, forming relationships, and loving on teens. Today we are also going to a halfway house which has some teenage boys. Unfortunately, I am home today because my eyes are so allergy infested that I can't open them outside or in light. I am trying several different remedies and hoping prayer surpasses them all. Maybe I will get some time to just pray and read. Either way, it's no fun being in Asia while confined to indoors. I would really appreciate your prayers for healing. If we have faith, He is more than able to heal. If we agree, He will answer. So please join me in praying these allergies out so I can be effective and at my best to be used to glorify Him in the small amount of time I have left. I appreciate all you who are following the blog. Know I am also praying for you. I know many of you are going through times of change, seasons, and new beginnings so you are each on my heart. I love you! Brandy

Info... Taiwan.

Just in case you wanted to see a picture of the people I have been speaking of, my facebook profile pic right now is of Olga, Dada, Me and Lindsay. That's all for now. Love you.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Salvation in Taiwan.

I have so much to write about. I have seen three miraculous things but I have to tell you about the one that kept me up last night. The last thing we did yesterday was head to the Taipei Night Market. After dinner and shopping, we headed home on the MRT. Cindy Lee's friend who we had been trying to reach all night finally called us while we were headed home on the train. We decided to go meet her anyways. This friend named Olga is the manager over all the Timberland stores in Taiwan (she's a big deal). She's also a mentor and Christian friend of Cindy's. We met her at one of her stores and this beautiful woman was shining at the first glance. After introductions, the very first thing she asked was if we would pray for her store manager. We had just gotten to the store and thought we would look around but God had bigger things in store. She introduced us to the most precious, naturally beautiful 29 year old friend named Dada. This had to have been the most divine appointment I have ever been apart of. Dada is an unbeliever but said it was ok that we pray for her. Olga wanted so bad for her to know Jesus and felt like the Lord brought us there for that specific purpose. So, she took all of us to the back of the store to a small "warehouse closet". Me, Olga, Cindy and Dada all fit in a little nook while the rest of the team lined the walls. Without knowing anything about her except she was not saved, and with prayer completly by translation, I laid my hands on Dada. As we prayed, the Holy Spirit flowed out of both me and the translator. I just prayed so hard bc I knew this was way to coincidental to not have purpose. I prayed boldly in Jesus’ nameasking for salvation and also relaying the words the Lord laid on my heart to tell her how much she was loved. I told her that at some point money, man’s love, alcohol, and self would not be enough to satisfy the empitness in her heart, but that in her own time God would be there to do just that. He spoke His sovereinty to me thru Romans 9:16. I just knew that He was really stirring her heart. When I finished praying, my team left but me, dada, olga, and cindy stayed in the room. Iasked about her life and she informed me that she lives with her boyfriend and wants to try church. At this time, the Lord moved me to share a little bit of my story and then just that He wants her to be loved, satisfied and complete. My heart raced as she cried and the translators went back and forth. Even though it's completely agaisnt Asian culture, I wrapped my arms around her and told her Iloevd her. We left the closet and all went to a tea shop. In that tea shop, last night at midnight, via two translators and a passionate group of believers, the Lord got another child back in His arms. 

Dada asked about our religion. She had grown up with parents who practiced some type of Taioism but she wasn’t believing anythying really. Then she said the one thing that literally made me bust into tears. the one thing that has broken my heart all year. She said that when she hurts, she will go out with her friends and have drinks until she is drunk. I asked her if that really solved her problem or healed her pain and she responded, No. I told her Iwas crying becuase Ihad been there before. I have tried filling that void with alchol and Ipromised her that just like now, it will never heal her pain. I told her that love from a man would not fill it either, I'd tried that too. At this point, my precious friend, Cindy spoke for a few moments about a relationship with Jesus in Chinese. None of us know what was being said, but our spirits and hearts were intertwined. We all just prayed and prayed for salvation. All of the sudden, Cindy turned to us and said, ok She wants to accept Jesus. Astonished, we all laid hands on her and prayed. Cindy told us that she told Dada that she didn't have to make a decision now but that God was always ready for her. But, Dada insisted that she wanted it now. His kingdom came down and grace was at it's best.

I guess tea will forever remind me of this precious moment. At midnight, my new sister, Dada was born. The Lord answered prayer, and even used me in His bigger plan. We also prayed over Olga and the coninuing of discipleship and friendship. When we were leaving, Ireceived the most amazing hug from an Asain Ihad met in a closet just a few hours before. I'll neverfor get the night salvation came at a Tea Shop in Taipei, Taiwan. Glory to my Jesus.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Taiwan #4- More of You and Less of Me

This morning, I titled my journal page "More of you and less than me."
You know those days where you wake up and literally nothing goes right? For example, this morning I woke up late. I had to take a shower which here in Asia means nothing really because you sweat the moment you turn the water off. Therefore, my hair never leaves it's ponytail. Anyways, I was late for breakfast which I ate too much and then felt way too full. You all know it's a horrible thing to feel huge on Sunday mornings. haha. We were to lead church this morning by doing a song and also I would share my testimony. I then heard it had to be only 10 minutes so once again, I was a little frustrated. The morning is almost in action when we were practicing our music in the room and I broke a string on my guitar. UH only 6 min. before the service started and the time we've used to practice, all put to waste. Boy oh Boy. Fortuanately the song really only uses this string like once so it didn't affect the sound. (not that I'm aware of)

With all this craziness, I ran to the throne. Literally, as I was journaling and praying over my morning I just could only ask Him to come help. I needed Him to speak. For some reason, I was just really adamant about them understanding what He wanted to tell them. The Christians here are similar to those in America who are just walking around like mummies in the Church. Dead to the actual life that comes when one walks with Jesus. I knew at this point that I had come to an end of myself this morning. I knew it. My teammates knew it. HE knew it. HE LOVED IT.

The Lord loves to be our strength in our weakest moments. "But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."

Good thing, huh? I was able to finish my testimony and play the song. During the testimony, the Lord really went into action in the lives of the people. I was really glad I stepped out of the way to let Him speak. It's a beautiful thing to see His people hear not only with their ears but with their hearts. The woman who was supposed to lead the verse even got a little choked up. hehe.

To close, I want to tell you what the Lord shared through me this morning. Something I too easily forget. HE REALLY LOVES EACH ONE OF US. He doesn't want us to feel lonely, deserted, unloved, scared, fearful, or caught up in things that can't fill that void in our hearts. He is more than enough to feel that void with life. He loves us so much despite our weaknesses and wants us to follow Him. He wants to be with us. And, He wants to use us.

When asked why I come to Taiwan, my response is always this: I want to share with others the LOVE that Jesus has shared with me. It is only when you really know the Father's love for you that you can truly love others. Please grasp that today. How great the Father's love for us...

1 John 4 "This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. We love because he first loved us."

"The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love." Galations 5:6
I would encourage you to really love others today. Express Yourself.

Taiwan #3.

Hello to All...
I would try to do something creative and in Chinese, but at this point of exhaustion, I just can't. haha Sorry!! A few things to report: We are in the middle of leading an English camp. We started yester day when we arrived. We have taught these children (1st-6th graders with very limited English) two songs- Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves the Little Children. I have never played my guitar as much as I have so far (even at Hosanna Home-gosh, I miss you girls). Anyways, we also are teaching them different vocab words needed in the Airport, Train Station, and McDonalds. :) My group is the oldest and I have to say... they are LEGIT! Everyone at the Camp has taken notice. It reminds me why I loved teaching! Social Work vs. Education majors... close call. We went all over town today with the children (40 of them). We went to McDonalds to practice vocab, how to order, and a great lunch. Then we went to a museum and the 5 of us Americans got to hang around together and have a break. Then we went to the airport and taught them vocab needed there. The children went home and then we ate dinner with the youth group (15). We played 3 songs for worship, shared testimonies, and games. So far it's been so super busy! I am exhuasted but having fun. My teammate, Adam's girlfriend is Cindy. Her family pastors this church. I absolutely love her. She's the best translator I've ever had and is the most precious, sincere friend. She loves the Lord and it shows in her every move. I am blessed to spend time with her family. They have hosted us, cooked for us, and about everything my mommy would do I suppose. Tomorrow we are playing How He Loves in church and then sharing testimony. Then we will have a closing ceremonies before we depart to another town for a few days. I would ask that you pray for strength, rest (physically and spiritually), and glory to the one upstairs! Love you all!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Taiwan #2

Due to the lack of time and internet access, here is an email from my team leader to his support team that entails what's going on with us... I will update you later. Love and appreciate all of you!! 

Faithful Prayer Team,
Greetings from Taiwan!! I'm writing to you from our train on the way to Taidong. We are still in transit to our final destination and closing in on 40 hours of travel time from home. It was longer than expected but we are all doing well and thankfully, everyone seems to be displaying a spirit of adventure and flexibility. We arrived on time to the Taipei airport, met up with Adam and Cindy Lee and took a bus to the High Speed Rail station where we hurried to catch the last train of the night going to Kaohsiung. Well we caught the train, it just wasn't ours and by the time the friendly passengers managed to communicate that this train was going back to Taipei, we were already on our way and had missed our train. The HSR company kindly refunded the majority of the ticket cost (even though it was our fault) and we ended up taking a 4 and a half hour bus ride down to Kaohsiung (about 2 hours longer than the HSR would have been). But all was made well because by the time we arrived, breakfast shops were opening for the morning and we were able to dine on the local cuisine which I have missed so much! We then walked a few block to the train station and used the wait to do some work on the english camp that will start this afternoon. We will be working with about 40 youth aged 1st-6th grade teaching them vocabulary for the Airport, Train Station and McDonald's. It should be quite the adventure as we are going to be visiting all of these locations with kids. An unexpected blessing did arise during our flight over. Since the demand for English Teachers is so high, the pastor at the church hosting us (Cindy Lee's Dad) wrote a grant to the government to fund our camp so all of our activities, supplies and everything is being covered by the Taiwanese Government (at least for these first few days) !! If God plans for the rest of this trip are anything like His provisions so far, get ready for some AMAZING stories !!
So we are here, we are safe, we are loving it but we are all ready for a nice, clean shower. Keep up the prayers and I'll be sending out another update before we head back to Taipei on Sunday to visit the Harmony Home Orphanage. Thank you all for your continues support in thoughts and prayers. You're blessing us all every moment that we are here.

His hands and feet,

Ryan 來恩 Jacobi

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

En Route to Taiwan

Well, I am officially en route to Taipei, Taiwan. Unfortuanately, Big
Bertha is not along for this trip (my computer), and my itouch is
difficult to type on because these nubby thumbs pick up 3 letters at a
time. All of that said, I am unsure how much I'll be able to blog. I
will do my best! I still don't know much of the losgistics but I'll
let you in on my knowledge thus far-
When we arrive in Taipei we will travel to a church/school to do an
English camp for a few days! The first few days we will be staying at
Adams girlfriends house (guy on my team) who Is also the daughter of
the pastor! We will also do a youth night. Then we will go serve in an
AIDS orphanage. We are also doing some college ministry and some other
various activities. One thing you must know when you travel across the
world is flexibility!
I have met my team now, and I would like to cyberlly introduce them to
you so you can be praying for each of us!
-Adam, previously mentioned, is one of my good friends from wetumpka.
He is 24 and is the youth minister at Cains Chapel. He is also a team
leader for us!
-Ryan is our other fearless leader from Pensecola. He is a graduate of
Asbury in Kentucky.
-Ryans sister, Lindsay is also on board from Pensecola. She currently
attends the University of Alabama, so rivalry has already taken place!
-Josh is on board who is in School at West Florida. He has served in
both Peru and Nicaragua.

So, that's us! But, more importantly we are travelling with the Holy
Spirit who has appointed and called each of us to vessel Him to Asia.
I am expecting Him to be the real teammate that matters! And, I pray
that the Lord allows us to leave a part of Him there. That emphasiZes
that we will see someone come to salvation! The bible says that in His
resurrection, our Savior gifted us with the Holy Spirit that would
live and guide our lives. Oh, how I love that same Spirit!
My prayer is similar to that in Haiti- I want to see His glory;
healing, miracles, salvation, prophecy, whatever He allows me to see.
Yes, I have seen so much of His power but like Moses, I want to see
more( Exodus 33:18) more of your glory, Lord, more of YOU! I am really
excited to escape the reality I live in and spend some time with my
preious Jesus. I will end with the same prayer Paul sent to Ephesus:
"Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given
me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for
which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it
fearlessly, as I should." Ephesians 6:19-20

Thankful for all of you, and covet your prayers! Love..

Monday, May 3, 2010

Taiwan ... 9 days.

In just 9 days, I will be getting on a plane to head off to Taiwan. The next two weeks will be quite stressful; I can take it. Last night my precious Mom and sister met me in Auburn and together we served the graduate ladies of Hosanna Home. I have been working on a slideshow for their gift and we watched that after dinner. I am still in love with this ministry as much as I was the day I started. It is incredible the way the Lord will break your heart for where you are. It's funny to think that a little over a year ago, I wrestled with the fact that Jesus loved me. Now, I grasp and cling to the fact and it allows me to pour out and love so many others who are in desperate need. I thought I went out to Hosanna to serve these women. I have received haircuts, prayers, encouragement, countless meals, hugs, laughter, fun times, and plenty of memories. You always are blessed more in return. I am going to be gone while these ladies leave in June, July, and August and the Lord keeps reminding me that even though I want to hold their hands as they walk out the door, His hands are bigger than mine and they are holding them forever. He is also reminding me that it is Him IN each one of the ladies that draws me to them. I am so excited to meet the women in Montana where I am working this summer. First I am excited about being back in Asia. Honestly, I don't know what to think/how to feel/what to say. I just never thought I would be back again. I am excited but I am depending on the Lord to prepare my heart in His timing. I am a little under the weather and finals are this week so I would appreciate your prayers to just persevere through this and then my journey for the summer will begin!