Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catch UP and Birthday

*Friday, Oct. 23- dinner in Montgomery with Mom, grandparents, and Aunt Cin. Then hung out with friends who came into town from Atlanta

Christi, Hannah and I 
John, me and Phillip

My friends here at Syrup Sopping. 

* After sopping, we went to the pumpkin patch! It is by far the greatest thing about Fall- I LOVE PUMPKINS!! 

* After the pumpkin patch, I had my birthday party at Hosanna with my friends. My mom brought the big twister, a space walk, and the bungee run plus some goodies!! It was also my friend, Wendy's birthday so she celebrated too!! It was a blast and my supervisor let all the women call and see if their kids could come! I couldn't have asked for a better party! :)

It brought literal tears to my eyes when I saw 4 yr. old Jordan run and hug her favorite person in the world, her mommy. This woman right here is so wonderful and loves her little angel. Jordan had pink in her hair because she had been to a church carnival earlier in the day with her grandparents. Jerri and Jordan's day together was the best present I could have ever asked for. 

Katy Bug in the Bungee run! 

Tammy and Maddox in a cow milking competition. 

A bunch of us playing Twister!! 

Me and Nikki on Twister game. 
Me and Katy Bug 
Sweet little Gracie Faith is having a blast hanging out in her stroller! Isn't she precious?! 
Sweet Cindy Lou with Wendy on the Bungee Run! 
My friends Hannah, Christi, and Shari came to the party, too!! 
Jordan had a blast in the Space Walk!! 
Cindy Lou wasn't as happy on the Twister!! She's precious!! I just love her.
Some of my blessings, Jerri, Jenny, and Katy Bug. Redemption right in front of my face.
As tradition at Hosanna goes, everyone who celebrates a birthday gets an egged cracked on their head. So, this is the first of my eggs...
Here's number 3, I think.  
And, Katy was one of the ones who got me. UGH! haha It's actually hilarious!! 
Me and Gracie Faith in the parlor about to have cake and snacks!! 
The girls decorated the parlor with a Birthday sign for me and Wendy!!

* Sunday, Oct. 25      MY 21st BIRTHDAY!
To start off the day, I was served breakfast in bed by two of the sweet ladies. We got up and went to church at First Baptist. Then, after we ate lunch me and a few friends carved pumpkins!!  
Katy, Cindy Lou, and I carving pumpkins out in the front yard on such a beautiful day! 
Me and Cindy Maddox hanging around enjoying the sunshine!! 
I can't think of many people that express so much joy than these two!

*Monday, Oct. 26th- My roommates and I carved pumpkins with some friends on our front porch!! It was a BLAST!