Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Holy First Day of Class

As I sit in my class room with a few students who stayed extra to work on our "team flag," I am so thankful for this opportunity! Today I met with my 20 students and learned introduction words and our class rules. Our team name is "Top Class." Our team cheer goes as follows:
"We are top class, we are number one. In our top class we have lots and lots of fun!" These were established by my students. The flag is quite the invention so maybe it will get better. Each assembly day the classes do their chant and wave their flag with honor. The first day was so much that I am not sure if my students had fun. Since we only had an hour and a half today, I was rushing so I may have left out some fun! However, the girls sitting with me right now are precious and I think things will get better! I need to run but I will write more when we get back to the dorms! Love and miss everyone!!


nana said...

We love you. Nana and pop

Hannah Sumner said...

enjoying reading about everything. keep the info up. you are in our prayers!! love and miss you. I'm with Blake on the comment thing. who knows if you'll get this???

natalie said...

I could have told you that you should be a teacher!!!!!!!!!! We are very proud of you and miss you bunches. Your post are awesome. Keep up the good work. Mom!