Tuesday, July 29, 2008

HOLY last Wednesday

Well it's the last Wednesday which is a fun day for the kiddos! They don't have class. We just do things with the entire camp. Yesterday was pretty fun. Since it was Chinese culture, the students went on stage and taught everyone something from Chinese Culture. My class did a skit to represent why we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The kids were funny! The language barrier always sets us in for a treat but overall it was a success! Last night we ate dinner at the Spaghetti House. YUM. We went to the Hong Kong walk of fame which is alot like our Hollywood. You see stars on the ground -Jet Li, Jackie Chan..etc. We took some really cool photos because this place is like across the water where you can literally see the entire city of Hong Kong. IT's called the light show becuase of all the buildings and their crazy lights! VERY PRETTY! After we had our team QT, some people went back. Me and a few friends went to the Night Market to shop. I got all my little people gifts. By the way.. if there's anything specific you need.. tell me ASAP! We crashed pretty late last night so I'm exhausted. Oh, I've lost my camera cord so it is difficult to now find ways to put my pics on but I'll see what I can do! There's a monsoon warning today so... be praying for safety!! love

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