Sunday, November 15, 2009

Inspired By...

I have finally finished some lyrics I have been working on.... The first is a chorus that I have been playing the past few days on the guitar- It's really a collaboration of what I try to share with my Hosanna Ladies everyday I am there--

"But I know a man who loves with liberty
No weakness or defeat, His strength is mighty.
And in this man, I'm a captive who's set free
No sin, No shame, No guilt will be found on me.
So I choose this man, in Him there's victory
I find healing and life in His grace and mercy.
Forever to this man, All praise and honor be
I'm a new creation and to Him be the Glory."

The second is just some verses I wrote that were inspired by the stories of the Women at Hosanna and the way their lives have resulted in addictions and shame. When you read them, think of cards...

"You've been dealt quite a difficult hand
The Kings abused with the lies they used, left you on shaky land.
The Queens manipulated, they got you in your back
Labelled you a failure with everything you lack.
Always expecting something as they blinded you with love
Those jacks would silence you my dear, with every push and shove.
You became the joker, crumbling inside
Reaching out, you'd try anything just trying to hide.

On the Outside you've done pretty well fitting in with the rest of the deck
But flip your card on over, you see your life is a wreck.
You tried wearing the suit of clubs hoping for the best of luck
But every step forward was two steps back, left you hopeless and stuck.
You battle insecurity, trying to be the prettiest of the girls
In this suit of diamonds, you're worth's in jewels and pearls.
The destruction continues as you attempt to try the spades
Running out of options, all hope begins to fade. "

This past Friday night, I spent 2 hours playing the guitar for the women. One of the interns started crying when we went into the office afterwards. She told me that it is such a blessing for me to come in there and bring in encouragement and allow them to just enjoy a few hours of worship. This intern has become an amazing mentor for me so you can imagine how much this comment meant to me. Here's the real deal- When I, a 21 year old college student spend a Friday night until 11 PM at a drug and rehab center, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with me. At Hosanna, we don't really watch TV, no internet, no phones- just people. We sit around in community and laugh, tell stories, and encourage one another on this journey we call life. This simplicity and time together is what makes my heart beat. Almost every conversation includes Jesus and brings glory to His name. He is why I am there. Every second, every conversation, every laugh, every tear... EVERY MOMENT I pray that HIS NAME is GLORIFIED. I pray that these women see Jesus Christ and the story of redemption HE has brought about in my own life. I never would have dreamed in high school that I would be playing a guitar leading worship in a drug and rehab center on a Friday night. PRAISE GOD that He had bigger dreams than I could ever imagine. Because His spirit now lives IN me, I get to be a part of His story and bring glory to HIS name. All Glory to the King who is changing lives, healing hearts, and redeeming souls.