Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taiwan #5

Just a fast update with where we are/where we've been. The past few days we have been staying at an AIDS orphanage in Taipei (the capital city). We helped out and kept about 15 children under the age of 2. One day we even took the to the park and the night market. We also visited the older adult branch of the organization which was so sad because those patients are very sick. Yesterday, we took a two hour bus ride to Taichung. It's another pretty large city but is also more spaced out. Here, we are staying with our host missionary family. They are from America but have 3 daughters all college age or up who were all born and raised here. Most of them are fluent in Chinese. The house is wonderful though, and very much closer to home. We are spending our time here at an English Christian school which is like a boarding school for children whose parents work in China, Taiwan, etc. They all speak English (obviously it's an English school). So it's just about hanging out, forming relationships, and loving on teens. Today we are also going to a halfway house which has some teenage boys. Unfortunately, I am home today because my eyes are so allergy infested that I can't open them outside or in light. I am trying several different remedies and hoping prayer surpasses them all. Maybe I will get some time to just pray and read. Either way, it's no fun being in Asia while confined to indoors. I would really appreciate your prayers for healing. If we have faith, He is more than able to heal. If we agree, He will answer. So please join me in praying these allergies out so I can be effective and at my best to be used to glorify Him in the small amount of time I have left. I appreciate all you who are following the blog. Know I am also praying for you. I know many of you are going through times of change, seasons, and new beginnings so you are each on my heart. I love you! Brandy

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