Monday, May 3, 2010

Taiwan ... 9 days.

In just 9 days, I will be getting on a plane to head off to Taiwan. The next two weeks will be quite stressful; I can take it. Last night my precious Mom and sister met me in Auburn and together we served the graduate ladies of Hosanna Home. I have been working on a slideshow for their gift and we watched that after dinner. I am still in love with this ministry as much as I was the day I started. It is incredible the way the Lord will break your heart for where you are. It's funny to think that a little over a year ago, I wrestled with the fact that Jesus loved me. Now, I grasp and cling to the fact and it allows me to pour out and love so many others who are in desperate need. I thought I went out to Hosanna to serve these women. I have received haircuts, prayers, encouragement, countless meals, hugs, laughter, fun times, and plenty of memories. You always are blessed more in return. I am going to be gone while these ladies leave in June, July, and August and the Lord keeps reminding me that even though I want to hold their hands as they walk out the door, His hands are bigger than mine and they are holding them forever. He is also reminding me that it is Him IN each one of the ladies that draws me to them. I am so excited to meet the women in Montana where I am working this summer. First I am excited about being back in Asia. Honestly, I don't know what to think/how to feel/what to say. I just never thought I would be back again. I am excited but I am depending on the Lord to prepare my heart in His timing. I am a little under the weather and finals are this week so I would appreciate your prayers to just persevere through this and then my journey for the summer will begin!

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