Saturday, May 15, 2010

Taiwan #3.

Hello to All...
I would try to do something creative and in Chinese, but at this point of exhaustion, I just can't. haha Sorry!! A few things to report: We are in the middle of leading an English camp. We started yester day when we arrived. We have taught these children (1st-6th graders with very limited English) two songs- Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves the Little Children. I have never played my guitar as much as I have so far (even at Hosanna Home-gosh, I miss you girls). Anyways, we also are teaching them different vocab words needed in the Airport, Train Station, and McDonalds. :) My group is the oldest and I have to say... they are LEGIT! Everyone at the Camp has taken notice. It reminds me why I loved teaching! Social Work vs. Education majors... close call. We went all over town today with the children (40 of them). We went to McDonalds to practice vocab, how to order, and a great lunch. Then we went to a museum and the 5 of us Americans got to hang around together and have a break. Then we went to the airport and taught them vocab needed there. The children went home and then we ate dinner with the youth group (15). We played 3 songs for worship, shared testimonies, and games. So far it's been so super busy! I am exhuasted but having fun. My teammate, Adam's girlfriend is Cindy. Her family pastors this church. I absolutely love her. She's the best translator I've ever had and is the most precious, sincere friend. She loves the Lord and it shows in her every move. I am blessed to spend time with her family. They have hosted us, cooked for us, and about everything my mommy would do I suppose. Tomorrow we are playing How He Loves in church and then sharing testimony. Then we will have a closing ceremonies before we depart to another town for a few days. I would ask that you pray for strength, rest (physically and spiritually), and glory to the one upstairs! Love you all!

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