Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shout out to Hosanna Home from Taichung

Just wanted to write real quick and give a shout out to my peeps back home. I just got to talk to some of my Hosanna Homies and their babies. I got all 5 babies voices right. I just love them. I miss my girls though and am praying for you all constantly. There are women here who are inspired by some of the stories I have shared about the Lord's faithfulness to you and His grace that covers us all. The women here are like many of us were before we really understood the Love of our precious Savior. They find it very difficult to receive love. They have a void in their hearts that longs to be filled with anyone or anything that will give momentary satisfaction. Like we all know and study, our Jesus is the real satisfaction and is the only one to make us whole. Maybe someday I can organize a trip for you ladies to come here. I think I just came up with a dream that is well worth looking into. We know that once we know and rely on the love God has for us, we are compelled to share that love with others. Ladies, if you get to read this... Spend some time today to meditate on how much the Lord loves you. Not only did He send His son to die so that you are forgiven of your sins, but He resurrected from the grave so that we could have life-Him in us, us in Him. He desires to be with you, so let Him do that today. Think of the past year and how He has prepared for you, comforted you, protected, and provided for you. You may run from Him from time to time, but He never leaves or forsakes you. Once you have spent some time receiving His love, think of how you can share it with others. I like to think that if you kept all that love from Him inside of you, you will get "spiritually constipated." So, in a strange way, let it out on others. hehe!!! EW! I am so weird, I know. But really, I know there is someone there that you can't stand- in fact, most of you I can name the person that comes to your minds. Share some love with them today. Not because they deserve it, but because Jesus who lives in them deserves it. I am praying for each one of you by name. I appreciate all of your prayers as I continue on this journey. I am doing really well. I miss you. Love you all,
Brandy B. :)

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