Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taiwan- Taidong

Our first few days were spent in Taidong, a countryside city with beautiful landscaping. This region is poorer and consists of many Aboriginal people who were the native people in Taiwan before the Chinese came over and established the country. Earlier in the Fall, there was a massive mudslide that damaged much of the land and homes. There were many bridges and roads destroyed which disabled help to come in and out. However, the city is beautiful. Cindy's father pastors a church here where we stayed and hosted an English camp, youth night, and helped in Sunday morning service. Here's some pics..

For English camp, we took our classes to McDonalds and the airport to practice different types of vocabulary.

English camp at the Airport.
My wonderful team.

making glass beads in the Aboriginal village
Hot Springs Spa.. after 40 hours of travelling ... :D

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