Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hello my long lost readers.
I wanted to take a quick minute to reassure you I am alive. I know you were all wondering so I wanted to make it clear. :)  I have been in Branson, MO since May 19. It has been so much fun!! We got here with about 25 people the first few days to do boat training. I love big small groups where you can meet alot of people but be intimate. On the 21, the rest of the counselors arrived numbering in around 200. I have met some amazing people from all around the world. I have also met and interacted with many people from Auburn. The Kamp is so creative and wonderful. I love the leadership and have really enjoyed being poured into by others. I am learning so much but having such a great time. I am definitely in my element here at Kanakuk. The Lord has blessed me with a heart to serve the younger generation and enjoy life on a regular basis. You won't be surprised to know I have been in almost every skit and known as the crazy girl. It's something about my shy and intimidating personality. haha yeah right. If there's anywhere that I just flourish, it's at kamp with many amazing people and eventually kids. The kids will arrive June 1. Be praying for a very very crazy day. I am so thankful for the Lord placing me here this summer and opening some great relationships. He is so faithful and so awesome to get to know. I love knowing Him more each and every day. I will tell you one thing I have learned. When I don't spend enough time with Him, there's not enough of me to go around. However, the more I pursue and spend time with Him, the more He blesses me with energy, life, and joy. I really keep falling more in love with Jesus and I can't tell you how sweet it is. Get you some of that...   

miss and love yall!! 

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Ketty said...

yeahhhhh girl. knew you would love it. ahhh im so happy for you.