Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hey everyone,
so I have to write this extra fast. The Lord has allowed an opportunity for me to stay in Branson, MO at Kamp from now until August. I will be working all summer serving Him by pouring into younger girls. I am so excited. I want you to know that it's something that will be very hard and may not exactly be my first choice. However, I believe He is leading me to stay. It's not about me and what I want to do. I have a best friend moving to Hong Kong in July and I won't get to see her at all before she leaves now. If I had it my way, I would come home and spend time with friends who I won't get to see much during the year. But, I am dead to myself and alive to Christ and what He leads me to do. So, even in this hard decision, I am following my shepherd's voice to stay and serve others. It's not about me. My life is sold to Jesus. He died for me, I live for Him. I know some of you are a bit down that I won't be around the lake, town, or home but I promise you that He is using me to further His kingdom here and I hope we would all agree that that is WAY more important. Your prayers are so much appreciated but I have something else. If you write me, I promise I will be encouraged and so excited!! Mail is the one thing at Kamp that lights us all up!! Here's my address

967 Lake Shore Drive, Branson, Missouri 65616

Prayers and letters and I think we can do it!! 3 months is a long time!! can't wait!!!
Oh, I have no phone or internet until my time off which I don't know when that is. When I do, I will update!! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! wORd!

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Whitney said...

I'm so going to miss you.
Love you!!

PS: my home home address is on lakeshore drive! :) It will kind of be like we're living on the same street in july.... just different states.