Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Greek Sing

Last night was my first experience of Greek Sing at Auburn. For those who are not familiar with this term, Greek Sing is like a talent show for all the sororities. Each group goes up there and does a dance/performance to music focused on their chosen theme. I enjoyed some, hated most, and laughed at them all. However, I caught myself nodding to the beat and singing songs which kept me overall entertained. The main reason I went to it was for the Best Buddies show at the end as if they are a sorority. Even though I didn't get to dance with my buddy like everyone else (Emily told me that I signed up too late and there's no way I could learn the difficult routine in a month :) haha), I was going to sit through this 3 hour show (6:30Pm-9:30 Pm) to watch them anyways. So, when it was time for my buddy to go on stage, I ran down and to the center to grab a chair. In the most typical soccer mom way possible, I sat their nervous, excited, and humored as I cheered and had my camera ready. The announcer introduced them by saying, "The Best Buddies dance was choreographed by a buddy herself, Emily Belk." Ohh I was so proud! As this group of about 5 college students and their buddies danced to "Summer Time" from High School Musical, the crowd responded with excitement, humility, and encouragement. It's really neat to see hundreds of my friends, classmates, and teachers support and be enlightened on the organization I spend much of my time in. Most of my friends know Emily by now anyways, so it was fun for them to see her finally perform as well. This experience taught me so much by seeing the way others can show their hearts when a group that is more challenged takes the initiative to fit in by coming and doing exactly what everyone else was doing. I ended my night by realizing the judges were totally unfair. Best Buddies should have been first place for sure!! Even though they weren't on paper, I'm sure they captured first place in many people's hearts last night.

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