Sunday, April 5, 2009

Best Buddies Scavenger Hunt

This weekend has completely worn me out. The thought of Monday coming tomorrow makes my brain hurt. I will post later on the events of the weekend, but I first have to update you on my Best Buddy, Emily. March has been tough for our gatherings. She has been extra busy wrapping up the Winter events of gym, cheer, and bowling. This girl really stays so so busy. With Midterms and Spring Break also being in March, it put a bit of a damper on mine and Emily's times together. This week we had planned to see each other twice. We had a scheduled Easter Party on Thursday but it was cancelled due to the weather. On Saturday, the nation wide organization of Best Buddies had an even called Midnight Madness. You can see more info about that online. It's an all day scavenger hunt with the Buddies. It started at like 11 AM. I had already signed up for another service project on Saturday before I knew of this. I spent the day doing service work in the community through a church supported event called My Jerusalem. My team and I went to a town called Salem where the tornado messed up pretty bad to do some work at a church with damage. After I was finished at my work site (8:00AM-1:PM), I went to meet up with Emily. When I met up with Emily around 1:30, she was finishing up the Scavenger Hunt. So me and another girl who did My Jerusalem and her buddy all decided to just spend the rest of the day together doing the scavenger hunt on our own. 

We started at the library on campus and Emily and Cheryl (my friend, Sallie's special buddy)) took a photo acting like they were asleep on the steps to complete the item on the list that said to take a picture sleeping in a strange place. 
Then the four of us walked through Samford lawn all the way down Magnolia. The next picture was of one of Cheryl and Emily crossing the street. Then we stopped at a church to take a picture at a church. As we were discussing our plans to complete the tasks of taking pictures with firemen at the fire dept. and a police at the police station, a police car started heading our way. We flagged him down and he pulled over into the bank parking lot. There, he allowed us to take pictures with him and his police car. The girls were thrilled. It was so great how he handled the situation and was extremely kind to them. 
We walked down to the fire station where Emily and Cheryl took pictures with the VERY attractive firemen. The guys allowed them to put on their jackets and hats so the photos were quite amusing. The firemen treated the girls like celebrities. It was such a fun time to hang out with them and see the way they truly care about the citizens of Auburn, especially those with needs. From there, we drove the girls to snow biz to complete the last item on the list for the day. Take a picture with your buddy and a snow biz. Of course, Emily and I had to discuss that it's okay to spill and make a mess when you eat snow biz.
 She cracks me up when she works herself up over the simple things. I appreciate how she desires to do things right. For example, she got upset because she couldn't figure out how to eat a snow biz without getting it all over the place. I convinced her that this is a time when you can make the biggest mess you would like. Some of my friends met us at the place so it was fun to all hang out and continue spending time together. We stayed at Snow Biz just hanging out for like an hour. Emily is really doing well around my friends and they all love her. She has the biggest heart and challenges all of us to stay focused on the important things in life like caring about one another, spending time together, and helping each other at all times. The day had been long, so around 4:15, Emily and I headed to her house. On our way home, Emily and I had a great one on one conversation where she asked me if it was okay that she talked behind someone else's back. I got to help her out and share with her the way I go about this problem so it was great to feel like I was actually benefitting Emily and the way she lives and relates to her friends.  

The rest of the blog, I am importing her email about the day so you can get to know the precious heart and soul of Emily Belk:

Hi Brandy
hear are the pichers of us . my favrit is the one with the flowers it reminds me of the fun time together and what joy you can have with a lot of buddys.
we feed gold fish , preposed to a stragher . got to the aubrun book store take pichers with auburn books, boys puting macup on .
1.we feed gold fish ,
2. preposed to a stragher .
3. got to the aubrun book store take pichers with auburn books,
4.boys puting macup on
5. find the aubrun sine and take a picher in front of  it
6.pretend to play instrmints in front of  the Haley center
7. make a permid in front of  the egale
8. in Auburn book store find some auburn hats to try on
9.vist the rado stasion
10. picher with the polese
11. vist the fier stachon.
i will give you more later but i know we all need to rest !
see you tue. I hope you injoy are greek sing show.
your friend Emily

Emily B

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