Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Real Judge of Greeksing

I thought you may enjoy emily's take on GreekSing as well:

Hi Brandy
thank you for coming and saporting me at greek sing i had fun im looking into doing more next year !
you were asking me about my opinon in greek sing this year?
I wont you to tell Chatly that i sow her sarotys dance and the first to ceach  my aticion in being good! im not saying that becose of her eather. one more thing you ask about me seeing AOII  ? i didn't get to see thim i was on the elaveter . there are a few i seam to miss and that was one of thim. only sow a little of AOII  and sow 14 saroritys . I haven't desided yet how gets 1st 2net and 3erd yet . but i have narowed it doun to 5 winers .
 Chi Omega , kappa kappa Gamma , Kappa Dalta ,Delta Gamma , and Zeta Tau Alpha . do you have any friends in these goups ? if so i may have something for thim.
you allso sead Best buddies beat all of the sarortys for frist place  . i  agree with all the aplse we were geting.
i picked thes as jugeing i know the rouls for judeing and what thay look for !
Hear from you soon !
your friend Emily

Emily B.

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