Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chronological recall of 10/25

October 25, 2010.
At daycare, my co-worker gave me this awesome mouse cake. Here me and a few kids are marveling over her incredible baking talent.
After work, I went to lunch with Becca and Colleen. I then came over to Becca's house to do one of my favorite activities ever-carving pumpkins!! Here's me and Aidan playing around after we finished our pumpkins!
Becca and baby Tristan!
Me and my pumpkin!
Aidan and his pumpkin.
Then I went home and spent some time playing with Kierra. The ladies here cooked me a Southern dinner of fried chicken, green beans, and cornbread. It was delicious and I'm very thankful for each of them!
After dinner I went bowling with some friends. These two beautiful women have completed the Teen Challenge program since I've been here. Melissa (pink) completed in the Summer and Kery completed in August. Melissa lives here in Missoula and Kery came to visit from Minneapolis.
Me, Colleen, Leannah, and Kery at the bowling alley.

The sweet friends that celebrated with me on my special day. Bowling is fun, especially with these people here.
Colleen made me cupcakes... I was obviously very excited!
Making my wish.... and excited that it will soon come true!! Only 2 months away....

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