Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Gifts...

When we are little, everyone asks us, "So what did you get for your birthday?" I decided that I would make a picture blog to display the awesome presents I received this week. Thanks to all who loved on me and supported me turning 22. I am one very blessed young lady.

Kierra was quite excited to take out all the items in the goody basket Aunt Deb sent to me. She may enjoy these snacks more than I do!

As you can see, even here my friends already know me well. Colleen got me cupcakes and diet coke. She hit the nail on the head for sure!!
One of the volunteers here made me an incredible cake. She used to be a baker and now does it as a way to bless others. I am so happy for this and feel extremely blessed to have had a wonderful cake.
Once again, my friends here sorta know me. Becca got me an ORANGE shirt because it's obviously the BEST color ever. These are pictures of her two sons that she included in my card. The book she gave me is a little cut out but it's the Little Prince. A friend gave it to her when she turned 22 to remind her to follow her dreams and stay young. So, she passed it on to me. It's very special to me!
As you can see here, Nana and Pop think I am currently residing in Alaska. No, this will be perfect for the winter. The weather is already getting chilly here so these will definitely come in handy.
Beautiful flowers from my ladies at Daycare.
Somehow, Mom not only got balloons delivered to Montana but also got them set up in my room! What a talent!! These are some tall balloons too I must add.
My parents got me two bible studies by Beth Moore and some cute little decors. My favorite gift from them is of course the plane ticket to go see my sister in Colorado in Nov.
This mouse cake was made by my co-worker at daycare. Her name is Amy and I absolutely think this is the coolest cake ever. Hands down.

If I forgot to put your gift on here, please don't be offended or think I didn't love it. These were just a few of many. I am very appreciative of all I was blessed with and can't thank you all enough for sharing another year of life with me! Thanks!!

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