Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quick Story...

Hey again. I just wanted to write this real fast. Today, I heard of some earthquake stories. One hit me pretty hard because earlier today I watched some of the kids sing in the church here at Blanchard. During the earthquake, a church collapsed in another city nearby killing an estimated 23 children who were in there for choir practice. Another story was a man who is in graduate school and he and his professor got caught under the rubble and couldn't get out. Some other professors came and got the professor out but told the man they would come right back for him. they didn't. He spent the whole night passing the time by singing and praying out to God. The next day he saw a little girl and got her attention. She crawled down and helped in start getting out. When she got him to the point of visibility, some other people began to help as well. When he finally got out of the rubble, he asked the people where the little girl went so he could thank her. The people turned to him and said, umm there was never a little girl here sir. He said that is when He knew God was completely in control. Just two stories that impacted me today and I thought you may want to read. More to come... Keep Haiti in your prayers, there is definitely a need.

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