Monday, July 20, 2009


Emotions are high as second term of second session is high in gear. Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to my very first group of campers EVER and say hello to a new crew. It was very difficult considering the intimacy established by the last day with my old girls. My first group, the Real Deal was so special. I formed great relationships with all of them and had a hard time grasping the fact that it was over. We had ski trips, real deal trip, late night camp outs, and many more memories. We had one girl come to know the Lord and the other 11 see Jesus in a whole new way. Comments made like, "This is the best year of Kamp I have ever had," or "My counselors are the greatest" and "I don't want to leave" made the term so worth it. We had 5 girls come down with the flu which was a total bummer but in those moments the Lord revealed a new and precious side of them that I wouldn't have gotten to see any other way. Each girl is so unique and fun which is a motivation to invest and hear her heart. The Lord taught me alot about loving them and dying to myself constantly when I have to keep going even though it's hard and I'm tired. I didn't know it was possible to fall in love with 12 eleven year olds and at the same time impact their lives for the Kingdom. When I think about the fact that my Boss is God Himself and that I am working for Him in His harvest, I get so overwhelmed. I am so unworthy to do such a thing, yet the fact that He loves me enough to allow me a place in His HUGE and MIGHTY plan is humbling and encouraging. Some of the hardships that I am dealing with is bonding with the new staff and missing the old. It is so difficult to go from having people who have invested and truly love you so much to new people who are just getting to know you. I miss having people who knew my heart and my passions and having the same. It's not just missing the fun memories and great people, but it's also missing the deep spiritual connection. I trust the Lord is forming those new relationships but just really have a hard time being patient and waiting on His timing. My new girls are great but I am waiting to get to know them. They seem a bit wilder than my last girls but I love the energy and high intensity. I will blog more tomorrow and add pictures but felt the desire to give you a peek into life here and what it's like being a counselor. Please write me if you can, that seems to be the BIGGEST encouragement.
967 Lakeshore Dr.
Branson, MO 65616
Also, please be praying that the Lord would bless me with patience and confidence to serve Him in radical ways. Pray that I will remember to find time with Him and dig my energy from Him alone. I really miss the last term people but I'm still looking forward to growth and time with the friends here now. Love you guys!

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