Monday, April 20, 2009

Girls Bible Study

So, I am going to attempt to write about our last bible study tonight. Katie Bartlett, Mary Reading Overstreet, and Hannah Frost have been leading a community of about 10 girls in Romans since January. Tonight was the grand finale. Katie and Mary will be serving with Grace Campus Ministry in Hong Kong next fall. In just typing that out, tears are flooding my eyes for the hundred time. These women have been so amazing in mentoring and pushing me toward the Kingdom of God and teaching me the importance of who I am in Christ and what that means in my life. Selfishly, I want these two to stay in Auburn for the duration of my college years. However, when I think about the wisdom and love that they have poured into me since I stepped foot on the plains, I can only smile to think that more college students across the world will also experience this. The Lord has blessed them with gifts that are so prominent that you have to see the face of Christ in their every move. When college students in HK see this first hand, I am confident that the Lord will lead them to Himself. 

Here's the deal with this bible study commonly known as GBS. We have studied Romans in this semester. When looking over it all tonight, this is what was shared by the girls:
-Sanctification- embracing what the Spirit is doing in and thru us and the Lord's presence in our lives; walking by faith only in Him.
-Surrender- Striving after HIS plan for our lives and our future, living as sacrifices for Him and His glory as we align our lives with Him which then lines our desires and passions with His heart, because our life with Him is a result to His kindness to us, leading us to repentance. 
-Identity- Each of us are Christ's bride, His beloved as we receive His unfailing love and undeserved mercy. He breaks us so He can mend us in His love as He pulls us closer to Him to a place we could never get to without His mending. He meets us where we are. We belong to Him (He bought us with a price on that cross), We are children of God, Daughters of the King, Innocent covered in His blood, FREE to live a life full of peace, joy and hope. 
-Freedom- As he is refining us through our afflictions, taking capture our past, as we are Dead to sin and self and ALive to Jesus and His Spirit alone. The desire for others to seek Him and His life is a result. (Gal. 2:20) the stripping away process as we are objects of mercy being formed and broken to mirror Him and His image. We are slaves to righteousness. God brings ALL Things to completion-fully wholly and completely! (Psalm 23)
The reason He died to make us whole was because we can only get to God when we are whole. 
-Obedience of Faith- faith (active), our response of His love, Him being ENOUGH, He has built monuments of his faith so we surrender to His love. Forward Movement:
I will FREELY love because I am FULLY loved. 
-Community- unification- Body building, being one in His Kingdom to edify one another in love as we press onward to achieve the same passion and goal to make Him known. Encourage- to give courage to each other in our visions, plans, by being a community that uplifts all people to glorify HIM. 

When I look back for myself, I cannot put to words what the Lord has done in my life since this January. From identity to love, community and passion, I have grown so much. I want to take a minute to at least emphasize on the importance of community. I feel this is one area where the present day church has lost true meaning. Paul speaks of community in Romans 12-15 and in 1 Corinthians 12-13. Many people have looked in on this group and seen the unreal, uncommon, but true community we share. It is completely indescribable. Here's what I know to try to explain- We are a group of college students (boys and girls) under amazing leadership who share one passion: To make Jesus Christ known on our campus, in our lives, and in our friendships. We love each other, encourage one another, and edify one another in the name and glory of Jesus. We recognize that all we have is from Him and our sole purpose is to bring Him glory forever. I can tell you that the Lord has an extreme plan for this group of people. The way this body is so prominent in living for Him proves to all those around that He is living and breathing in us as we serve each other and the community around us. Because of this, we are all confident in the relationships that will be changing in the Fall. Most of our leaders will be moving to Hong Kong to disciple and minister to the Chinese people. Even though this is hard, challenging, and a leap of faith, I am convinced that these friendships will continue in His sovereignty. Even as people move, I know He will continue to bless our relationships as He sends us out. I feel that this community is special because of the call to minister the gospel that is lead on each heart. As He sends us all out to wherever, I know that we will continue to love and encourage each other because we are all after the same goal- making Jesus Christ and the hope of life known in all places and all nations. So, with all that said, I just want to ask you to pray for us. Pray for those of us staying in Auburn to take captive the call to this city and our leadership as we fill the roles He has given us here. Pray for our friends moving to Hong Kong. Pray for the hearts of the Chinese people to be open, ready, and hungry to taste the real bread of life. Pray for those of us who don't know what to do in the Fall. Pray for vision, passion, and hope to stir up in our generation as we join each other to glorify the King. Pray for how the Lord would use you in this passionate movement. Pray to see where He could plug you into community. Pray about supporting our leaders of Grace Campus Ministry as they raise support to move to HK. ( Pray to see His name known in your town, city, state, country, and around the globe. I am passionate about seeing others know this Jesus I have come to know and grow madly in love with. I honestly believe there is no way to live without Him who is the life. 

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