Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dinner with Emily

So, I don't have much time to write but I want to let you know that last night Emily and I had dinner together. I wasn't exactly excited about picking her up because I wasn't having a great day. However, here are a few things that helped me remember the joy I can choose to have each and every minute of the day.

We have solved the "car ate my cd" dilemma. Emily said she put a cd in and it wasn't playing. I looked down and fortunately Emily's hand was still in the location she put the cd. She had put the cd in just a crack in my console. It was just a space but she thought it was the cd player. Long story short, I was able to recover the cd with a few scratches on my arm. We didn't find the other one yet, but I guarantee that's where it went.

During dinner, Emily opened up about how concerned she was with her sister leaving next year to go to graduate school in S.C. I was able to share with her about what I'm learning and dealing with when people leave. I reminded her that sometimes, the "catch up" conversation or seeing someone for the first time in a while is almost better than seeing them everyday. It was sweet to hear her precious heart for her family.

Driving her home last night, I randomly (I can sometime be quite random) asked her what she thought when I said the word, "light." She replied exactly what I expected, "sun." Then I asked her what she thought when I said the word "blue." Blue brought the sky to her mind but brought the ocean to mine. We continued this "game" until I was running out of words. I looked up and the traffic light lead me to say, "circle." To my greatest surprise, Emily responded, "uhh, the circle of life." I thought she was talking about the Lion King but she also told me why she delivered such an answer. "You know, like you have God and then the Son and then the Holy Spirit," she explained. I asked her if she meant the Trinity. She looked at me surprised I knew what that word meant so we continued in our conversation about God. She told me she had been to a couple of churches but none of them she really liked. I reminded her that the same God is in all churches. I was humbled when she responded, "Duh, God is everywhere." There- That was the answer. We were able to go back to the conversation about her sister leaving to conclude that even when her sister is gone, God is still here. He is there to be with, to speak with, to play with, to dance with, to sing with... etc. I am unsure how much this comforted her, but it was a neat time and she is still amazing me with how much joy she brings to my day.

I am learning so much in this experience and I am super glad I have stuck with it even when it gets tough. So there you have it- See if Emily's knowledge can challenge you today as well. God is everywhere. Seek Him in ALL things. Seek Him in the sky, the light, the people you come in contact with, the circumstances you are confronted with, the day to day routine- See Him. Don't Miss Him. He is your joy. Choose Him, Choose Joy.

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Ketty said...

i laughed outloud at the "car eating the cd" dilemma. thats funny. SO glad you have stuck with it. He is working in that relationship. LOVE YOU!