Sunday, March 29, 2009

Changeling... only if you've seen it.

This weekend a few girls and I rode out the weather watching movies at my friend, Malorie's house. The main movie we watched was Changeling with Angelina Jolie. Now, the movie was great. It was very intense and emotional but an amazing movie. It's interesting that I am not blogging on the corrupt police at that time, women's rights, or kidnapped children. Those are all key issues in the movie. However, I am writing with the one character that I related to the most. There is one boy at the very very end of the movie who had escaped with the Collins boy from the house where a very bad man was keeping all the boys to be slaughtered. He comes forward to the police years later and tells them his story. He tells the officer that he and 2 other boys escaped one night and that he had been hiding out ever since. He had taken a train and lived homeless until he met a woman whom he told he was an orphan. She took him in and provided for him at a shelter with other children. When he heard the story on the radio, he was moved to finally come forth and find his real parents. Some may think it's strange that he didn't come forth sooner, especially since his parents thought he was dead the whole time. The boy tells the officer he was afraid; Fear that people wouldn't believe him about the other 2 boys and of the whole entire story. The boy's story reminded me of the Prodigal Son in the bible. 
Luke 15:11-32. 
Read it. This song is one that really reflects that parable. 

Still Calls Me Son- John Waller
I drug his name through godless places
And I've known shame that no child of his should know
I've seen pain on broken faces
Beyond all thought of hope
I was just too far from home
Still I always wondered when I closed my eyes

After all I've done
Could he run to me?
Would he kiss my face?
Could he even look at me?
After where I've been
should he take me back?
I would understand 
I've disgraced him
But it would be amazing
If he still calls me son

With nothing left for me to bring him 
I left my pride and turned my heart toward home
I saw my home on the horizon
And from a distance 
I saw my Father
Watching for his own with forgiving eyes

After all I'd done
He just ran to me
Then he kissed my face
He would not let go of me
After where I'd been
He just welcomed me 
I didn't understand 
But he put his robe on me
It was so amazing
That he still called me son

One day as I breathe my last 
And I know my days on earth have ended
When every hour is spent
I will close my eyes in amazement
And I'll hear angels 
They'll be singing 

Amazing Grace
Cause he will run to me
And he will kiss my face
He will not let go of me
After where I've been
He will welcome me 
I won't understand 
How he'll put his robe on me
It will be amazing
That he'll still call me son

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
When he calls me son 
I once was lost but now I'm found 
Cause he calls me Son

Listen to it. See if you can relate. 
The Movie- Watch it. 

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