Sunday, March 29, 2009

Buddy Update. :)

Buddy Business!!
Here's an update on my best buddy, Emily.  The week before spring break I had a lot of tests so Emily and I weren't able to hang out. I was in Chicago all week for Spring Break but Emily and I met back up this week. On March 25, I picked Emily up from cheer around 6:45. We headed to eat dinner at a restaurant called Shakeys. It's a pizza parlor in Auburn. The restaurant allowed a portion of all they made to go to the Best Buddies Organization. It was fun to see all the other buddies again and get to spend some time with Emily. We talked and ate pizza. Chatty also came along for the night. After dinner, we went to Target so I could get a few things. I left Emily and Chatty in the car to jam out to High School Musical. When I returned, Emily was just a laughing and telling me all sorts of fun things she and Chatty did. They have so much fun together. I took Emily home around 8:15.

Today, Sunday March 29, I picked Emily up from her house around 3:30. Today was just a treat. We got to spend some time together at the Auburn softball game. Auburn played South Carolina. One of my good friends from freshman year plays for the tigers and had asked me to come. Emily and I were sitting there joking about foul balls. She said this game was real similar to the kickball she plays at camp. It was exciting because my friend pitched the 3-7th innings. It was a very relaxing time to just hang out with my sweet buddy. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed watching Auburn. Auburn lost their game but we cheered loud anyways!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!! 

Ohh... Emily was in FL this weekend for a gym competition. She won first place, got a trophy, and got a medal. She is also in the middle of creating the dance routine for Greek Sing. She is a very busy girl. 

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