Thursday, February 26, 2009


Too Proud

Sometimes when I hear a song, it just resonates deep in my soul. That happened last week when we went running and I gave a new CD a first listen. The song that stood out is called "Too Proud" and is lyrically simple, yet powerful. It is on the new "Enter the Worship Circle "album called "4th Circle" and is similar to their previous 3 worship records. Here are the lyrics: 

Too Proud
"I’m too proud to ask, too broke to eat
Too weak to bow, too strong to bleed

Can you sing over me words of comfort
Can you satisfy me, sweet honey
Can you break through me, with your strong hands
Can you undo me, enough to heal me

You take the weight from my shoulders
My hands were clinched now they’re open
I’ll take your goodness, pour it from the sky
Food from the ravens, water from the dry well"

While I was running I found myself just opening my clinched fists and receiving God's goodness. Something about the combination of sweat, sunshine, snowcapped mountains, and guitar strings just stirs my soul.

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