Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Journal #4 - Valentines Day

.Well for Valentines Day, Emily and I hung out at my house for 3 hours. We watched her favorite new movie. High School Musical 3 was actually a pretty fun movie to watch. She loves the mean girl (Ashley Tisdale) so I give her a hard time about that. After the movie, Emily and I went and picked up some Subway. As she ate her sand which we sat in the car outside of her cheer leading place. I was kind of minding my own business when she said, "Ya, that's how I show my love." When I realized what she was referring to, I was really touched. The song playing in my car was "I cannot hide my love" by Second Circle which says this:
"I cannot hide my love, I cannot hide my love
My feet will have to dance, My heart will have to sing."
She told me that this is how she fills when she is having a good time or wants to enjoy/ love others. She says it just fills up and she loves dancing and singing. I told her she was right because she does really love to dance and sing which obviously shows her joy and love for the moments she's in. I explained to her that this is how I feel when I am worshipping or in the presence of the Lord. He overwhelms me and I am so in love with him that it is like an overflow. It was a really great moment of truth for me. I am continuing to learn and grow through my friendship with Emily. I am so thankful for these moments where the Lord steps in and shows me how much He loves my Best Buddy too. Thanks for reading

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