Friday, August 1, 2008

Holy Rap

Well, sitting here at the dorm full of emotions, I don't know if now is even a good time to write on the blog. However, I want to share with you my feelings and situations that have occurred. Thursday was a very fun day! It was the last day of class (curriculum) but we never even touched the book. We began class just hanging out and playing cards. The entire day was just to talk and spend these last couple moments together! Friday was Closing Ceremonies so each class had to have something prepared to show the whole camp. My students and I came up with a great idea on Thursday that we worked on the remainder of the day. We decided to do the ..."If I were not a Boy Scout, I wonder what I'd be.. If I were not a Boy Scout.. A _____ I'd be..." skit. So... our song was...."If I were not in Top Class I wonder what I'd be, If I were not in Top Class, a _____ I'd be..." The blank was filled in with 5 other class names. Each class has a name and a cheer and it gets quite competitive around here. We are Top Class. So, each group would say the other class' name in the blank and in rythm would do the team's cheer in a sarcastic (make fun of) way. When the first group was finished, the second did their class and then the first and second do it together. This continues all the way until the 5th group says theirs and then they all say them. At the very end, While they were singing the main part... I yelled.. WAIT, We're top class you see. So then they did our Top Class cheer really really loud. They had fun practicing the cheer. For lunch, I got to see my favorite group of kids! Some of Katie's old students met us for lunch! It was so fun to see these friends. When we went back to class, the first 30 minutes, the teachers switched classes and each class wrote their teacher a letter individually. I haven't read my letters yet because I am emotional enough without them right now. Thursday night I went with Mike and Katie to eat dinner with some more older kids from last year. It was so fun to speak conversational English with them because they are VERY superior to the kids at Pui Ying in their communication abilities. After dinner, I stayed up late preparing for my very last day as a teacher at Camp China!

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