Sunday, August 3, 2008

Holy Closing

Wai!  (hello in Cantonese pronounced like why),
So... It is time for me to tell you about Friday-the last day of teaching in Hong Kong. I honestly went in thinking it would be difficult and sappy but wait until you hear what happened! Okay, so I go in to my classroom a little late because I was finishing putting my class gifts together, and there was only 5 students in the room. Little by little others showed up to amount to 9 kids out of 21. In confusion, I questioned the other students where I could find my class. In broken English I found out that there was a registration for the Fall that morning. So, I just allowed the other students to play cards and hang out until the others arrived. Well, around 9:45 when the teacher came to collect rolls, I told her I had no students. The problem was this- since our closing ceremony was at 2, many of the students thought that we didn't have class and they could just go home until 2pm. Even though I was very sad, I tried to give the ones who came some fun. We ended up walking to a McDonalds and sat down (their idea). They weren't eating though, and none of this crew can speak much English. BORING! I sat their watching them talk and play games. So, at 11 I paid for each of them to get an icecream and then we headed back to the school. Pretty much, the morning was pitiful. I was really upset because this is the last day and no one came. I worked so hard on the gifts but no students to give them to. After lunch, my class finally showed up. We worked very quickly to get together our program for the Closing Ceremonies at 2. The ceremony was really fun. Each class did their presentation of English class. We had  funny skits, songs, slideshows, and dances. My class did a cheer that made fun of all the other classes so everyone was laughing. After we finished, my class surprised me with the presentation of a rose in a glass bottle. (it will never die just like our friendships).  The students all received a certificate of completion and then we had to say bye to the kids. I am really closer to some students who are not in my class. My class is one of the lowest English speakers so it is HIGHLY difficult to form relationships. However, I am extremely close to alot of the other students. Good bye wasn't that difficult on Friday. I am not sure why, but I stayed strong. The kids were really emotional. Many of them stood at our bus in tears for a long time. Once we got back home, the team departed their own ways for the evening. Me, Mike, and Katie went to a restaurant that is just like an OCharleys. It was good to have some familiar yummy food. Even though the day was over, I still didn't feel like Hong Kong and I were finished. I wasn't really sad and I was just really looking forward to the rally on Saturday!

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