Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gypsy Soul

I should have known that a plan to stay in Auburn for the Summer wasn't really going to happen. The lyrics of a well known country song by the Zac Brown Band, "I've got a gypsy soul to blame and I was born for leaving" seems to define me. Freshman year- summer in Nicaragua and Hong Kong, Sophomore year-Branson, Missouri, and Junior year- Montana. My Senior summer will be in Missoula, MT as well. I dropped all my summer classes after the realization that I could no longer stand being so bored for a whole summer. Criminal Minds, the pool, cleaning and random creative tasks can only keep someone like me entertained for so long. Instead, I am headed back to Missoula and will work for Cuddle Bugs Daycare until August. I leave June 6th and will be back in Auburn to finish school in the Fall. I will be living with a co-worker and cannot wait to get back to the beautiful mountains, cooler weather, and long days! I will blog some and hopefully get back into the swing of this. Until then...

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Anonymous said...

Babe: sometimes in life, you have to follow your heart and see where it leads you! Go to learn and go to teach - then it will be worthwhile. And find some time for a bit of fun.
Love you. Aunt Deb